Although my blog is called Always In High Heels, sometimes I do wear flats. Usually out of necessity or practicality. Of course I’d rather be in heels. I’ve even sprinted through airports in heels. However, sometimes you just have to wear flats. So if I’m going to do it, you know they’re going to be cute. And comfortable. In fact, I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of flats for the better part of five years. I’ve tried all of the trendy brands – Tieks, Rothys, Allbirds, and Birdies. And in my opinion, Birdies are the absolute clear winner.

Birdies are flats that are designed to be stylish but are also secretly slippers. They come in six different styles and a ton of colors. Although some styles have more colors than others. Ultimately, my shopping criteria broke down into two categories – style and comfort. After years of walking in heels all the time, my feet are actually more comfortable in heels than flats. Which means when I wear flats, I get blisters, sore muscles, and uncomfortable feet. Notably, I need a shoe that can cradle my foot, give me some support, and a lot of cushion. So shoes that are also slippers sounded like a pretty great idea.

When looking at the six different styles, I decided to go with the Heron. I have super small feet, so I feel like they look weird with a more rounded toe shoe. Since the Heron has a more pointed toe, I thought I’d give it a shot. Of course I ordered them in black. Always start with a great basic when making an expensive purchase. That way you can really get your money’s worth. At first I was concerned about the weird little V shape that comes up the top of your foot, but they’re actually super cute on. I get so many compliments on these shoes. Even one of my male cousins told me how much he liked them and awesome and unique they are.

I bought my first pair last spring and wore the heck out of them. Then I waited all summer for it to get cool enough to wear them again. That’s how much I love them. Although they do have a pair of sandals called Sparrow, but they are made of satin fringe and I didn’t feel like that was a super practical summer fabric. In fact, that’s my absolute only critique of Birdies shoes. I wish they came in additional fabrics/materials. Recently, they did launch leather options for their Starling shoe. But I wish the Heron came in leather and the Sparrow came in linen or something. I think the Sparrow in linen or some other light and “summery” fabric would be super wearable.

Lately, I’ve been waiting to see if new colors would launch for the holidays. And I was totally right! Along with the new leather Starlings, Birdies also launched Jewel Toned Velvet Herons. That’s four of my all time favorite things in one! (Jewel tones, velvets, Heron Birdies, and shoes, of course.) So you know I was the first to order them in Ruby – which is actually a pinky-purple-burgundy and yet ANOTHER of my favorite things! Gasp!

Another super cute style is the Songbird. They are a velvet slide that comes in four color ways but two different types of accessories – a feather pom pom or a crystal band. I’m so obsessed with the Rose Crystal Velvet and Snow Crystal Velvet. They look absolutely gorgeous. Plus they would be perfect for a special occasion like getting ready for a wedding and during your wedding reception.

Not only are Birdies amazingly cute and comfortable, but they also have a refer a friend program too! If you click this link here and enter your email address, they will email you a code for $20 off. What’s better than a fantastic pair of shoes? Saving money on said pair of shoes with a promo code, of course!


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