2021 was the year of skincare for me. (And let’s be honest, a lot of brands too.) However, as we transitioned into the second half of 2022, brands really started to pick up their game on the color cosmetics side. And one brand that never disappoints with both their creativity and dependability is Olive & June. Now I’m usually more of a Holiday launch kind of gal, but there are some SUPER exciting launches this fall. And I love a cozy sweater dress as much as the next girl, but I’m a summer girl through and through. So when I heard about O&J’s fall collection was about to launch, I was kind of “eh”. But man is this new Olive & June Fall 2022 collection giving me all the fall feels.

Before we go any further, I do have to do the whole “fine print” thing. I am an Olive & June Affiliate. There are affiliate links in this post. If you shop through these links, I may earn a small commission at no cost to you. (Both Mila and I greatly appreciate your support!) If you would like to save some money, you can shop through this affiliate link and use code tiffanyascensio20 for 20% off any first time mani/pedi system order!

The theme for the new fall collection is Cafe O&J inspired by your favorite cozy coffee shop vibes. A few years ago, O&J stopped naming their shades after influential women and started going more with traditional fun and funky “nail polish” names based on their collection themes. And of course the Cafe O&J Collection does not disappoint. Although the names have full on coffee shop vibes (Blueberry Muffin, Tip Your Barista, Coffee Milk), the shades don’t really scream “coffee shop” to me. However, they absolutely do scream “fall”. Which is kind of the point for a fall collection. As always, O&J does a great job of mixing neutrals with bolds and cool tones with warm.

Also, I was generously gifted this new fall 2022 collection by the Olive & June team. However, all thoughts, opinions, and experiences in this post are my own (as always). As of the time of posting, I have not received the collection in the mail yet, but I will update this post with additional swatches and more information as soon as I do. Now that that is out of the way…. Let’s begin.

What all is in the Olive & June Fall 2022 Cafe O&J Collection?

The Olive & June Fall Collection is a bit different in years past. First of all, there is no box. All of the tools come inside of the O&J bag and all of the polishes come bubble wrapped. Second, there is the addition of the brand new Olive & June Matte Top Coat! Third, the collection comes with this freaking adorable reusable coffee mug. I received the Winter collection last year and I don’t remember it coming with any sort of swag or merch. So I really love this addition. Plus, the mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. Which is a huge plus in my book!

Here is everything that is included in the Cafe O&J Fall 2022 Collection Mani System:

6 new nail polish shades
Limited Edition Rose Poppy
Limited Edition Pouch
Cuticle Serum with Cactus Flower
Super Glossy Top Coat
Clean Up Brush
Nail Polish Remover Pot
Flat-Edge Mani Clippers
Dual-Grit Mani File
Nail Buffer Bar
Limited Edition Reusable Coffee Mug

What shades are in the Olive & June Fall 2022 Cafe O&J Collection?

Lipstick Stain – A Deep Berry
Tip Your Barista – A Bold Espresso Brown
Coffee Milk – A Creamy Neutral Tan
The Usual – A Neutral Lavender Gray – Limited Edition
Yogurt Parfait – A Dusty Rose Pink – Limited Edition
Blueberry Muffin – A Pop Of Cobalt Blue

Olive & June Fall 2022 - Cafe O&J Collection Swatches
Photo Credit: Olive & June

Of the 6 new shades, Lipstick Stain, The Usual, and Yogurt Parfait are my favorites. However, there is just something about the intensity and vibrancy of Blueberry Muffin that keeps calling my name. It’s totally not my normal vibe, but I may have to try it on my toes! Although I personally won’t use them because I’m cool toned and generally try to avoid wearing browns and yellows, I’m obsessed with the addition of Tip Your Barista and Coffee Milk because they are such great shades to expand the nudes and neutrals in the O&J line and think they will look amazing on darker skin tones and any of the Autumn girlies.

How do the new Cafe O&J Fall 2022 shades compare to past Olive & June shades?

One of the biggest things you hear about with every new collection is dupes. Is there a dupe for X color? Or how does X new shade compare to Y old shade? Olive and June is really great at being super transparent of how their colors look with similar shades. They’re so good at this, they even offer custom ombre mani kits so you don’t even have to do the work to color match! Here is a breakout of how the new Cafe O&J shades compare to past O&J launches thanks to the Olive & June team…

Olive & June Fall 2022 - Cafe O&J Collection Swatches - Comparison of The Usual, Yogurt Parfait, and Blueberry Muffin
Photo Credit: Olive & June
Olive & June Fall 2022 - Cafe O&J Collection Swatches - Comparison of Lipstick Stain, Tip Your Barista, and Coffee Milk.
Photo Credit: Olive & June

Are there any Cafe O&J Press Ons in the 2022 Fall Collection?

Of course there are! If you’ve been to my blog before, you know there are a handful of products that I absolutely should from the rooftops as holy grail all time favorite products. And the Olive & June press ons are one of them. If you want to read my full review and/or check out my YouTube video, click here. Long story short, they’re easy, they’re gorgeous, they’re reliable, and they work. What more do you need to know?

The O&J Fall 2022 Cafe O&J Press Ons come in the following shades:

Coffee French – Medium Almond
Marble Swirl – Extra Short Squoval, Medium Almond
Fall Micro Floral – Extra Short Squoval, Medium Oval
Blueberry Muffin – Almond Medium
The Usual – Extra Short Round
Jade Stone – Short Round
Yogurt Parfait – Short Squoval

Olive & June Fall 2022 - Cafe O&J Collection Press Ons
Photo Credit: Olive & June

Ok. I’ll be honest with you here. After all, that’s what we do with each other, right? Although I am completely obsessed with O&J Press Ons, I always feel like the choices of press ons for the big collections are weird. Like where did Jade stone come from? Was that leftover from the tea collection of the last launch. And I’m obsessed with the micro florals and I know they sold well last time (again – tea launch). But they’re not the same deep berry red of Lipstick Stain. Why not carry that color through? I do love the Marble Swirl set. Those are both trendy and on theme.

Idk. There’s nothing super “fall” about these. In fact, they’re almost “Spring-y”. What happened to the brown we talked about earlier? It’s not my personal speed, but I think it would make an incredible press on and a shade that is lacking in the current collection. I was really hoping for some knockout press ons to transition into sweater weather, but these are feeling kind of blah. I really hope O&J ups their press on design game because their press ons are legit.

What’s up with the Olive & June Matte Top Coat?

Photo Credit: Olive & June

Last but not least, let’s take a quick minute to talk about the new O&J Matte Top Coat. Matte Top Coats aren’t new. In fact, they’ve been around for quite a long time. I do think this is a fun addition to the O&J lineup. It goes on “glossy” but dries matte. Which is helpful for knowing when it is dry. I like that it can double your nail polish shades by switching things up a bit from glossy to matte. However, I’m really kind of surprised O&J launched a matte top coat instead of something more trendy like “glazed donut” or “holographic” or “iridescent”.

I know we just had the recent Rainbow Goldfish Collection (check that post out here). But those were only semi-top coats in my opinion. They still had quite a bit of coloring to the base. Instead of something fantastical that you could truly put over any color. For a brand that is always on the cutting edge of shades and trends, this matte top coat feels more traditional to me. But I do like having the option!

Final thoughts

Overall, I think the Olive & June Fall 2022 Cafe O&J Collection is a good one. I think it is a fun theme and they did a great job of uniting the shade names with the theme. And I LOVE the inclusion of the reusable coffee mug. Even more than that though, I love the mix of traditional and trendy fall shades. Olive & June always does a great job of being inclusive and creative and I think that shows in this collection. My favorites are The Usual and Lipstick Stain (no surprise there!) and my favorite press ons are the micro floral.

What is your favorite O&J Fall 2022 shade? Let me know in the comments!

Now all of this coffee talk has me craving a sweater and a warm beverage. Brb after I turn on the coffee pot and turn down the AC…


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