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Sephoria Recap – What You Missed

Last weekend in Los Angeles, California, Sephora hosted Sephoria: A House of Beauty. Their first ever one-of-a-kind beauty spectacular. Meant to be a combination of the words Sephora and Euphoria, the name Sephoria has been quite the point of contention for those not totally in the beauty conglomerate’s orbit. Some have been calling Sephora “Sephoria” …

Personal/Life Updates Wellness

Being a Dad is Cool – Being a Cool Dad is Harder

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there. Surprise! This is not Tiffany. This is Tiffany’s Dad. I am also known as Michael’s Dad and many other “dad” names that I am proud to answer to. So how is it that “Tiffany’s Dad” is writing an article for a beauty and wellness blog? Well, …