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You know what’s worse than shopping for jeans? Shopping for a good sports bra. Especially when you have a large chest. Not only is it a struggle to find something both cute and supportive, but it’s literally a struggle just to get the dang thing on! If you didn’t get stuck halfway in and halfway out of a twisted up sports bra with your arms stuck in the air panicking that “this is how it ends”, did you even go sports bra shopping? Well, this past week, I went through the whole begrudging journey and found the most comfortable sports bra I’ve ever worn. (Yes, after getting stuck in a few.) Not only is this the most amazing sports bra in general, but it’s also the best sports bra for small cup and large band size needs as well.

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If you have a large chest, you already know the struggles of everything I just mentioned plus more. Because not only do you want your sports bra to be cute and effective, but it also needs to contain the girls – without giving a full cleavage show. To be sure, once you add all that compression, they sometimes try to jump right out of the top. And splitting your two boobs into four is never good – or comfortable.

Plus it’s even worse if you are looking for a sports bra with a large cup size with a small band size. You don’t want them to fall out the bottom! You still need all the support but with a better fit. With that in mind, I’m here to help. I’ve tried all the brands/stores – Target, Victoria’s Secret, Amazon, etc. And this is by far the best sports bra for a large cup size and small rib cage.

What is the best sports bra for large cup and small band size?

What is this magic sports bra that’s supposedly the perfect sports bra for a large bust that might just be magic? It’s the Lululemon Energy Bra Long Line Medium Support (B-D Cup) Bra. This incredible sports bra is a bit on the expensive side ($58), but worth every penny in my opinion. In fact, I almost just wore the sports bra to the checkout counter and asked them to scan the tag under my armpit because I didn’t want to take it off ever again. And not because I was stuck in it. Rather because it felt so incredibly amazing.

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Honestly, this Lululemon Energy Long Line Sports Bra checks every box in my book. It’s super soft. It’s freaking cute with the dainty little back straps. Plus it holds me in and doesn’t give too much of a show. And the long line design is super flattering. It even gives a bit more “extra support” with such a wide band that you just feel cradled and amazing. I don’t usually like sports bras. They’re uncomfortable and they squish and flatten your boobs. However, I want to wear this one around all day. Also, I don’t have the kind of confidence it takes to do a workout in just a sports bra and yoga pants. But this sports bra makes me feel like I can! Which is my new goal after joining my local Pure Barre studio. But for now… Baby steps.

Lululemon Energy Bra Long Line back - Best Sports Bra for large bust - best sports bra for Large cup small band size
Photo Credit: Lululemon

As far as sizing goes, I went with a 4. I am a 30DDD (generally at 32DD in VS sizes and a XS/S in sports bras) and really struggle with finding tops that fit both my shoulders/waist and also my boobs. I am a 2 in Lululemon pants and shirts, but I prefer a 4 in their sports bras or super tight fitting tanks and tops. And of course I got it in black. Because everything I wear is black.

But trust me when I say I’m keeping my eye on this flattering sports bra and will not hesitate to buy it in additional colors. Lululemon was in a bit hot pink phase this season and I hope I didn’t miss my chance to get this new holy grail sports bra in one of my favorite colors. So, Lululemon, if you’re out there… Please make the Energy Long Line bra in pink!

(If you want some other great Lululemon picks, I’m head over heels in love with this sweatshirt. And I bought this long sleeve tee so fast. Plus, I’m eyeing this sports bra too – which does come in pink!)

Overall rating for this sports bra for large busts (out of 5):

Lululemon Energy Bra Long Line Medium Support sports bra – 4.95. I’m taking off a fraction of a point because it’s expensive. However, it is cute, comfortable, supportive, and flattering. It really is the best sports bra for a large bust.

What do you think? Do you have any recommendations for sports bras for large busts and small band sizes? Share your favorites in the comments below!


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  1. I like the kind that zip in front so I don’t have to dislocate my shoulders getting them on and off. Lol.

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