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Lately it feels like new eyeshadow palettes are coming out faster than I can put on my makeup in the morning. So when a brand does something truly creative, it catches my eye. Of course the big trend right now is “nude”. As a matter of fact, brands are launching everything from foundations to lipsticks to eyeshadow palettes in varying shades of nude. However, as you know, what’s a “nude” shade for Person A isn’t always going to be a “nude” shade for Person B. Which is easier when it comes to lipstick and foundation ranges. Especially when there are a lot of different shades in the range. However, eyeshadow palettes are only one item aiming to suit a lot of different people. Which is what makes the new Huda Nude Obsessions palettes so exciting.

Instead of launching one large nude palette (which Huda already did with the New Nudes palette – you can read that review here), Huda Beauty launched 3 new mini obsessions palettes to add to their ever growing (and always amazing) obsessions collection – Light, Medium, and Dark. Each palette is $29 and contains 9 eyeshadows – 4 sparkly and 5 matte. Of course the shadows are all the same incredibly buttery and pigmented Huda Beauty eyeshadow formulas we all know and love.

Light Nude Obsessions Palette Swatches

Medium Nude Obsessions Palette Swatches

Dark Nude Obsessions Palette Swatches

Admittedly, I only purchased the Light palette. Of course I seriously contemplated the Dark palette too since it contains all of the deeper burgundy smokey shades I love so much. Honestly I am so obsessed with the Light palette. Each time I go to use it, I always try to break out of my habits and try something new, but I somehow end up creating the same look every time. It’s just so pretty! For my look I used shades 1, 3, 6, and 8 (left to right on my arm swatches, or when read like a phone keyboard on the palette itself).

Ok, so I have to acknowledge my first thoughts when I saw the new Light Nude Obsessions palette… “Oh look! A less expensive version of the Huda New Nudes palette ($65). That’s cute.” But once I swatched them and looked more closely, I have to admit there is really only one shade that is the same between the two palettes – the super light ivory shade. All of the others are different. And like I mentioned earlier, they all still have the same incredible color payoff, sparkle, and texture as Huda’s more expensive palettes. So, if you’re looking for a less expensive dupe for the New Nude palette, this isn’t it. However, if you’re looking for a cute travel sized palette with a variety of light nude shades that are in the same color family as the New Nude palette, then this is calling your name.

Huda Nude Obsessions Mini Palette Light 01

Overall, I absolutely love the new Huda Nude Obsessions palettes. They are so compact but hold quite a punch. You can glam them up or create a more neutral look. Plus they are perfect for travel. Or the minimalist that wants great products that don’t take up space. Obviously that’s not me, but I know there are some of you out there.


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