Now I know I don’t talk a lot about undergarments on this blog. Honestly, bras, underwear, and shape wear are even more personal than makeup. For example, there are only a set number of sizes, but so many different body shapes. And what works for one person might be the next person’s worst nightmare. However, from the moment I saw someone on Instagram (I apologize, but I don’t remember who) jumping around in their Skims Bandeau Bra saying it was the most comfortable thing that has ever supported their large chest, I knew I had to try it for myself.

Skims bandeau bra - Sand, Mica, Clay, Sienna, Onyx
SKIMS Bandeau Bra – L:R – Sand, Mica, Clay, Sienna, Onyx

But, like most things in the KKW universe, the entire line sold out immediately. After months and months of waiting, Skims launched at Nordstrom and I was able to grab a few of the shades in two different sizes to try. Of course the Nordstrom launch also sold out instantly, so I have been holding off on publishing this review, because it felt mean to review something you couldn’t even buy if you wanted to. Now (after what feels like forever), there is an official restock date for the Skims Bandeau bra (and some of the other “Fits Everybody” collection pieces). The collection will restock on March 11 at 9a PST.

First let’s talk details, then we’ll talk fit. For starters, the Skims bandeau is super soft and incredibly stretchy. It comes in 9 shades, 9 sizes, and is $28. I got the black (of course), and several of the lighter nude shades to see which one would be closest to my natural skin tone. Although the lighter shades all seem super similar, they do have different undertones. In the end, I liked the color Mica best.

Skims Bandeau Bra Mica and Onyx

Now onto the fit. Like I mentioned above, I bought multiple bandeaus in a mix of colors and sizes to see what would fit. In fact, I purchased both XXS and XS in a total of 5 different shades. According to the website size chart, I am kind of in-between sizes and I didn’t want to mess up and get the wrong size. Although both fit, I felt the most comfortable in the XS. As you can see in the picture above, there isn’t much of a size difference between the XXS and the XS – the Onyx is an XS and the Mica is an XXS. (Although, the Onyx one has been washed and the Mica one is unworn.) Surprisingly, this bandeau bra is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing that I own. To be sure, this is not an exaggeration.

Skims bandeau bra review.

I’m not kidding when I say it’s like walking around wearing the most supportive bra ever. It didn’t slip or slide and I never found myself tugging it back up like most strapless bras. Honestly I felt so secure. Plus I love how easy it is to wear under off the shoulder sweaters and tops. Of course, there is a bit of compression to it – so it doesn’t give you “lift and separate” vibes. But for a casual run around every day kind of look it’s perfect.

Skims Bandeau Bra Onyx and Mica

Honestly, my only complaints about the KKW Skims line is how confusing the colors and sizing are. I love that they come in SO many shades and sizes. However, there’s no color chart or anything to explain what a color will look like, other than what it looks like on the model on the website. Luckily, they do show every shade on a model with a matching skin tone, but it’s still hard to tell exactly what the color shade actually IS. To elaborate, I am quite used to looking at shades and undertones, etc. in makeup, so it would be nice to be able to see a description like “Mica – a light neutral with pink undertones” to be able to really get a shade that will match your coloring. Especially since it’s shape wear.

Skims Bandeau bra review

Overall ranking out of 5:

Skims Bandeau Bra – 5. Honestly I’d give this a 5.5/6/10/100 if I could. This bra is so comfortable it’s hard to describe without sounding over the top. (My favorites were Onyx and Mica in XS.)

Want to know more about SKIMS loungewear? Check out my my review of the new SKIMS Summer Sleep Robe for my latest comfy obsession.


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