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**MAJOR UPDATE** As of November, 2022, I am officially employed by Hotel Lobby Candle! To be honest, this is a dream job 2 years in the making. In fact, this little post helped me get the job! But I want you to know that as always, the thoughts, feelings, and opinions expressed in this blog post are mine and I bought (almost) all of these candles on my own. Trust me, I will still tell you which candles are and are not my favorites. ;P This post also contains affiliate links.

I’m a sucker for a good candle. And even more so for a good hotel. Plus, there’s nothing more luxurious than making your home feel/look/smell like a fancy hotel (in my opinion). So when I heard one of my favorite bloggers and her husband were creating a line of candles inspired by luxury hotels around the world, I was one of the first on the waitlist. (Which was a good thing, because their first launch sold out in 22 minutes. 22. Minutes.)

Hotel Lobby Candle Signature Scent next to a Tiffany and Co box and a perfume set.

This is a long post, so I created a little table of contents for you so you can jump directly to whichever topic or scent you want to read more about. Just click the link below and it will take you right there. Or you can read all the way through. I’m not here to tell you what to do!

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Paris Nuit




New York



Paris Trio

Final Thoughts

About Hotel Lobby Candle

Hotel Lobby Candle is the baby of Lindsay Silberman and Matt Stevens (along with Long Hair Pierre). These two luxury hotel experts have traveled the globe and documented their travels and expertise through Lindsay’s incredible blog ( Of course Lindsay, Matt, and LHP are all fantastic Instagram follows, as is Hotel Lobby Candle.

Hotel Lobby Candles - Signature Scent and Holiday Scent in gift boxes

In fact, it should come as no surprise that Hotel Lobby Candle was inspired by “scent memories” from incredible hotels across the world. Which are all reflected in the candle’s naming convention (Signature, Paris, Cabin, Miami…). And the details of everything Hotel Lobby Candle are absolutely exquisite. From the containers that are meant to be reused down to the hotel key cards with your burn instructions. Plus the glass vessels are hand painted too. To be sure, the entire experience is pure luxury.

Hotel Lobby Candles - Signature Scent and Holiday Scent with the hotel room key instructions

But of course at this price point, it should be. Hotel Lobby Candles are $56 each. They are handmade in the US with an all natural 100% soy wax. Full size Hotel Lobby Candles are 9.75 oz each and comes with a 65 hour burn time. There are currently 4 scents available – Signature, Paris Nuit, Miami, and Island – with Linen launching on January 21st. Plus past scents include Chalet, Cabin, Holiday, Rose, and Cassis. (Linen, Rose, and Cassis were in a mini votive trio last winter/spring and Linen is getting launched in full size!)

Truly, the luxury and quality of Hotel Lobby Candle arrives on your doorstep with the box. Literally. Even the outside of the box smells amazing. But of course opening the box is the real fun. Each candle comes in a super nice box tied with a grosgrain ribbon with a little hotel room key with all of the instructions/details on it. Once you open the box, you’ll be met with the candle’s “cold throw” or unlit smell. To be sure, they are immediately intoxicating. Honestly, I have several around my house that I’ve never even lit because they fill the whole room with their delicious scents without a flame in sight.

Hotel Lobby Candles - Signature Scent and Holiday Scent in gift boxes

Of course the “warm throw” or the lit smells of these candles are equally amazing. In fact, these candles are the most beautifully burning candles I’ve ever seen. And trust me. I’ve had my fair share of Diptyque, Voluspa, Yankee, WoodWick, Bath & Body Works, Target, etc. candles. The burn is so smooth and even and impressive. Even when you extinguish the flame, you don’t get that “smoke” smell. It’s pretty amazing. Which it should be, for $58.

To be completely honest, I have to admit that when I pulled my first Hotel Lobby Candle out of its box, I was a bit skeptical and leery. After all, it definitely feels small for $58 when you’re used to WoodWick and Bath & Body Works candles. However, after you smell it, burn it, understand the quality / luxury / difference between this candle and its competitors, and realize how long 65 hours actually is, it’s totally worth it.

Now let’s get to the fun part… The scents!

Hotel Lobby Signature

Hotel Lobby Candles Signature scent in front of a pastel Chanel photo and Tiffany and co box.

The Signature Hotel Lobby Candle is inspired by some of Lindsay and Matt’s favorite properties, The Edition and The 1 Hotel. To be sure, the scent is “subtle, sophisticated, and intoxicatingly luxurious”. With notes of Starwood, vetiver, and atlas cedar, this candle is somehow both light and fresh and deeply rich. Plus, you know that blush vessel gets me every time. Furthermore, this was my first HLC (along with Holiday) and it’s STILL going strong. In fact, one of my favorite things about these candles is that you don’t even have to light them for them to smell. But I can’t wait to reuse this container when it’s done.

Hotel Lobby Holiday

Hotel Lobby Candle - Holiday Scent in front of a Christmas tree and presents.

First and foremost, just know that there are not enough words for me to explain how much I love this candle. To elaborate, Hotel Lobby Holiday is the epitome of holiday scents featuring notes of classic evergreen, fresh pine, balsam fir and blue spruce. It literally smells like Christmas. To be sure, there’s a reason this one sells out every year. In fact, I purchased a second one last year before I ever even lit the first. And I’ll be honest… I still have this candle sitting out. Sometimes I walk past it just to have a “moment” with this scent. And it’s not even close to the holidays……..

Hotel Lobby Candle Positano

As part of the most recent launch, HLC Positano and its sister candle – Capri – are reminiscent of summers on the Amalfi coast. Positano blends bitter orange, cassis buds, wisteria, sandalwood, and warm moss for the most exotic decadent scent. If Hotel Lobby Candle New York smells like hot rich boys, then Positano smells like their sexy Italian cousin. I will absolutely be burning this scent all summer long. From the moment I took it out of the box, it instantly shot up to one of my top 3 HLC scents.

Hotel Lobby Candle Capri

HLC Capri candle is billed as being the ultimate kitchen candle. With blends of Italian citrus and sea salt, Capri is different than any traditional lemon candle. It has more depth than just “lemon” and also leans a bit powdery in my opinion. Think more like lemon head candies than fresh squeezed lemon. For me, this was one of my least favorite candles when smelling straight out of the box. However, I lit it on a day where I cleaned my house with all of the windows open and the warm through while burning was quite lovely.

Hotel Lobby Candle Pride

Pride may be celebrated one month out of the year, but at HLC, we celebrate year round with our Pride candle. A blend of tropical citrus, passionfruit, crystalized ginger, spun sugar, and solar musk, Pride embodies all things bright, fun, and sweet. In my opinion, I think it smells like smarties candies with a hint of fresh raspberry. Plus the vessel is just insanely gorgeous. Part of me doesn’t want to burn it, but the rest of me wants me to burn it as quickly as possible so I can reuse the vessel.

Hotel Lobby Paris Nuit

Hotel Lobby Candle Paris Nuit Review
Photo Credit: Instagram @HotelLobbyCandle

According to Hotel Lobby Candle, this is the “sexiest candle you’ll ever light”. Featuring notes of black musk, wood, rum, and mahogany, Hotel Lobby Paris Nuit is the most “masculine” of the HLC scents. Whereas I was addicted to HLC from my first sniff of Holiday and Signature, I think Paris Nuit is my least favorite in my collection. Now, don’t get me wrong. It still smells incredible. But if I have to rank them, this would not be the one I reach for every day.

Although Hotel Lobby Candle describes this as masculine and sexy, I wouldn’t really describe it as either. When I think masculine and sexy I think more “dark” and “exotic”. However, this is a bit lighter and the “wood and mahogany” stand out more in my opinion. Think more dimly lit classy cocktail lounge (which to be fair, is how HLC describes this candle) than sultry sexy manly candle. Which again, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Hotel Lobby Candle Miami

Hotel Lobby Candle Miami Review
Photo Credit: Instagram @HotelLobbyCandle

Miami was a no-brainer for me. According to the Hotel Lobby Candle website, Hotel Lobby Miami is by far the most floral scent. It is “a magical blend of delicate florals, refreshing citrus, and a touch of mysterious musk.” Furthermore, its scent notes are bergamot, green citrus, white petals, cedar, patchouli, exotic amber, lily, and rose. Plus its container is a sleek white that will compliment almost every decor. As a matter of fact, I’m shocked I didn’t buy this sooner. Once I had purchased all of the other scents, this was the first one I restocked. I find myself getting a whiff of it when I walk through the living room and constantly think “what is that smell?” It’s a forever repurchase for me.

Hotel Lobby Island

Hotel Lobby Candle Island Review
Photo Credit: Instagram @HotelLobbyCandle

Hotel Lobby Island is an “island-inspired summer fragrance with hints of coconut, almond, and vanilla”. To be sure, it features the exotic notes of coconut, almond, vanilla, jasmine, and sandalwood. Similarly to Miami, I’m surprised I didn’t buy this sooner, since I love all things coconut summer scented. However, sometimes a girl has to make a choice, and the floral notes in Miami won.

Upon first sniff, this is the most different of all the HLC options. It’s still heavy and sultry and sexy, but it’s light and fresh and summery in a way the others aren’t. It smells like a very fancy island hotel with a whiff of cocktails and sunscreen as you lounge by the pool. Not only do I love the coconut based scent, but that neutral vessel is absolutely stunning and totally on trend right now. Plus it reminds me I should probably use a spray tan sometime soon.

Hotel Lobby Linen

Hotel Lobby Candle Linen
Photo Credit: Instagram @HotelLobbyCandle

Hotel Lobby Linen was originally part of the Paris Votive Trio. However, it got an upgrade! Linen is now available in full size. Featuring notes of pink pepper, linen, and sandalwood⁠, Linen isn’t your normal linen scent. It’s “unlike any linen scent you’ve ever smelled before.” If you need a gift for a teacher, mother in law, someone who isn’t really into “scents”, I think this would have to be my pick. It wouldn’t be my preference for my own home, but I think it’s the most universal and “fresh” of all the HLC scents.

Hotel Lobby New York

Photo Credit: Hotel Lobby Candle

HLC New York is the latest edition to the Hotel Lobby Candle Cities series. It contains notes of amber, sweet sage, cedar leaf, and patchouli. According to the website, it is “a warm, resinous, and slightly sweet scent built around the richness of amberwood, cedar, sage, and patchouli. It’s an alluring unisex fragrance that feels at once familiar and deeply unique—and, much like the city of New York, it has a sharp bite that will leave you longing for more.” In my opinion, New York smells like that hot guy from high school that wore Abercrombie Fierce grew up and got a very well paying job and now wears expensive cologne and knows all the right things to say. He definitely didn’t peak in high school.

Hotel Lobby Candle Chalet

Hotel Lobby Candle Chalet with a background of white marble, pine and berries, and a buffalo plaid fabric.

Along with my beloved Holiday candle, I had to pick up Hotel Lobby Candle Chalet last year. With notes of spicy cinnamon, warm cardamom, bergamot, cedarwood, and amber, this candle is “wintertime chic⁠⁠”. Plus it comes in this classic red vessel that just screams Christmas. Honestly, this candle lights up my soul. Although Holiday is your traditional “Christmas” or “winter” scent, and I’m completely addicted, Chalet is childhood memories in a jar. The level of spice is absolutely everything and each note is completely perfect. A 12/10.

Hotel Lobby Candle absolutely nails the holiday scents. I may have to wait to light this one until I buy a backup this year. I really hope this one comes back. It is literally the perfect counterpart to Holiday and a very close tie in my book. Although I’d burn Holiday all year, I’d save this one just for the winter months. Chalet is the perfect deep, spicy, romantic, cozy, snuggle up by a fire scent. But it is probably the strongest and “deepest” scent in my HLC collection.

Hotel Lobby Cabin

Hotel Lobby Candle Cabin Review
Photo Credit: Instagram @HotelLobbyCandle

Now this one is a tough one for me to “review” because I’ve never smelled it. However, I can tell you the notes and why I picked Chalet over Cabin. Hotel Lobby Candle Cabin features notes of smoked oud, orris root, forest wood, and peppercorn. It is said to “fill the air like a fire in a fireplace⁠⁠”.

Each year, I try my best to get a fall/winter candle that smells like a cozy fire. And each year I remember how much I don’t like the smell of firewood. It’s just not in my “scent book”. So to me, it isn’t my personal favorite. However, if you do like smoky scents, it is lovely. Plus, it’s very masculine. Like the boy counterpart to Linen. Would be a great gift for a father in law, dad, brother, male boss, etc. But it is quite strong. And my anxiety would take over and wonder if my house was burning down or if something was on fire.

Paris Trio

Hotel Lobby Candle Paris Trio. Rose, Cassis, and Linen votive candles
Photo Credit: Instagram @HotelLobbyCandle

Last but not least, we have the retired Hotel Lobby Paris Votive Trio. Featuring Linen, Rose, and Cassis in mini votive sizes (3 for $74 at 2.5oz each) in a stunning box, this set is no longer available, but I wanted to keep it in the list so you could find the fragrance notes if you ever needed to refer back. We’ve already talked about Linen (pink pepper, linen, sandalwood⁠), so let’s talk Rose and Cassis. Rose features notes of rose de mai, white cedar, and musk⁠. Cassis features notes of crème de cassis, blackcurrant, and tonka bean⁠. Of course I’m obsessed with the colors of these vessels and wish I could have a ton of them all around my house just for *aesthetics*. So I hope HLC comes out with a full size pink candle someday! (Because you know that will be my weakness.)

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m not sure if you can go wrong when it comes to Hotel Lobby Candles. To be sure, it’s scary to buy scents online. However, Lindsay and Matt do an amazing job of describing the scents and giving lots of different ways to explain what you should expect leaving little room for (bad) surprises. When it comes to little “everyday luxuries”, Hotel Lobby Candle is first class. In fact, if I had an unlimited budget, I would buy Hotel Lobby Candles for every gift for every occasion. Christmas? Everyone gets Hotel Lobby Holiday. Oh, it’s your birthday? Surprise! It’s a Hotel Lobby Candle I picked just for you. Between the different holiday and limited collections as well as the core products, there’s absolutely a Hotel Lobby Candle scent for everyone.

If I were to pick one single HLC and I could never pick another variety, it would be Holiday. Hands down. But it sells out each year. So I highly recommend you get on their email list and set your alarm for launch day. (Pro tip, if you sign up for their email list through this refer a friend link you’ll get $10 off your first purchase!) However, if I had to pick a core scent, it would be Miami or New York.

Although I don’t have any complaints about Hotel Lobby Candle, I do have to warn you that these aren’t your mama’s traditional candle scents. There’s no “lemon” or “lavender” or “vanilla”. To be sure, these are complex and exotic scents that you won’t find anywhere else. (Except maybe a handful of exotic hotel lobbies…) Occasionally, Lindsay and Matt will ask HLC followers what scents they should consider for the future. And if I were to throw my dream scent out there, I would say I hope someday there’s a really great spring floral scent. Like stepping into a lobby filled with spring blooms floating to you on a soft warm breeze. Hints of lilac and maybe something a bit more rich and exotic…

In the end, if I were to refer back to the title of this post and answer my own question – “Are Hotel Lobby Candles Really Worth The Cost?” My answer is a resounding yes. The quality is incredible and the scents are second to none. They are a true everyday luxury item and make incredible gifts. My mom always reminds me to “use the nice things”. Drink out of your fancy glasses. Even if it’s just water. Wear your nice shoes/outfits. Even if you’re just running errands. Celebrate the day. Even if it’s just a random Tuesday. And light the good candles. Especially if they are Hotel Lobby Candles.

What is your dream candle scent or favorite Hotel Lobby Candle? Let me know in the comments!


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