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*UPDATED January 9, 2021 to include my YouTube video and my full review of wear and removal.* I love getting my nails done. There’s just something about a fresh new manicure. However, sometimes you can’t get to a salon. Or maybe you have a job where you can’t have your nails done. Sometimes it’s just not in your budget this month. But every once in a while, you just need your nails to look nice for a few days without a lot of hassle. Enter: the brand new Olive & June Press On Nails – The Instant Mani.

Olive & June Press On Nails The Instant Mani in Length Long Shade KAG - nude pink press on nails on a marble background.

If you’ve been in the nail world long, you’ve probably heard of Olive & June. The fresh faced brand bringing salon quality manicures to your living room at a very reasonable price. In fact, they’re so reasonably priced and serious about giving you (attainable) fabulous nails, you can even pick up their products at your local Target! If you want to know more about their products and their signature Poppy (and why it’s an absolute must have), you can read my full review here. But today, we’re talking falsies.

The new Olive & June Press On Nails The Instant Mani comes in four shapes, four lengths, and TONS of shades including solids and prints. They range everything from pale pink to stormy gray and from color block to florals. First let’s talk about the four shapes – squoval, round, oval, and almond. When you search the different shapes on the Olive & June website, it actually tells you the lengths that go with the shapes. Which is super cool in my opinion.

Olive and June Press On Nails The Instant Mani in Length Long Shade Stars - Nude pink press on nail kit on a marble background.

What shapes and sizes to the Olive & June Press On Nails come in?

Here is the breakdown of the different shapes and sizes of Olive and June press ons:

Squoval –
– Extra Short – 2 options (1 solid, 1 pattern)
– Short – 4 options (3 solids, 1 pattern)
– Medium – 2 options (1 solid, 1 pattern)
– Long – 2 options (2 solids)

Round –
– Extra Short – 2 options (2 solids)
– Short – 8 options (3 solids, 5 patterns)

Oval –
– Medium – 11 options (5 solids, 6 patterns)

Almond –
– Medium – 5 options (3 solids, 2 patterns)
– Long – 8 options (3 solids, 5 patterns)

How much do Olive & June Press On Nails cost?

As of time of press, the O&J press ons are $10 each. Overall, there are 44 different options to choose from including a mix of solids, patterns, shapes, and lengths. Each set comes with 42 press on nails in 21 sizes. Even better? Olive and June The Instant Mani Press On Nail sets are now available at Target!

Ok, my friend. I now present you with a choice. You can either keep reading for information on how to apply and remove these nails, as well as my final thoughts. OR, you can watch my YouTube video! (Or both. I’m not here to tell you what to do…)

How do I put on O&J Press On Nails?

First, select your perfect nail fit. Make sure the nails aren’t digging into your skin and are the correct fit for every single finger. Next, prep your nails. Clip and file to your desired shape. Then buff your nails and follow it up with the included prep pad. Once that’s done, use the cuticle pusher to get a great cuticle line to ensure a great press on fit. Next up, nail strengthener (I absolutely love this product).

For short term wear, you’ll apply a thin strip of glue down the center of your natural nail, followed by a small spot of glue on either side. Place the nail on your nail and make sure it is straight. Press down and hold for 30 seconds.

For long term wear, apply one dot of glue to the back of the press on nail (the side that will touch your nail). Using the tip of the glue, spread it around so you have a super thin layer of glue all over the back of the nail. Next, do the same thing on your natural nail. Put a tiny dot of glue on your nail and push it around to spread the glue around your nail. Now wait 5 seconds before pressing the press on onto your nail. If you have any excess glue come out the sides, remove it with the cuticle pusher. Avoid getting nail glue on your skin if possible. And don’t forget, always do your thumbs last and it will make application easier!

If you need to shorten your press on nails, make sure you clip them with clippers and only file if you need to. But FYI, plastic clips easier than nails, so be careful.

Olive and June Instant Mani press on nail kit in length long, shade stars on a marble background.

How do I remove Olive & June Press On Nails?

If you’ve been wearing your press on nails for 5-7 days, you can remove them by soaking your hands in soapy water. However, if you’ve only been wearing them a few days, Olive & June recommends the O&J press on removal system. It comes with remover, sponges, and caps.

First, file off the top shiny part of the nail. Next, put the remover on the sponge, the sponge in the cap, and then the sponge and cap on your nail and let them soak. Then remove!

I did hear that if you soak them off with soap and water that you might be able to reuse them. However, if you use the remover system, you won’t be able to.

*UPDATE* Now that I’ve tried these nails, I have to completely agree with Olive and June. If you wait until the nails start to come off on their own (about 5ish days for me), you can just soak the rest and they pop right off. Ready to reuse!

What’s so great about Olive & June The Instant Mani?

Not sold on the new Olive and June fake nails yet? But wait! There’s more! Not only do you get a whopping 42 nails in 21 sizes, a 2 in 1 buffer and file, wooden cuticle pusher, and a prep pad, but each set of press on nails is made from 94% post-consumer recycled materials and comes with non-damaging glue. Unlike the nails of yore, the Olive and June press ons are designed to last 7 days. In my opinion, that’s like the perfect amount of time for fake nails. Long enough to get you through a big event, but not long enough to grow out or get annoying. Plus, you can change them out of a different color/style sooner! And no trips to the nail salon.

Olive & June The Instant Mani Press On Nails in length Long, Shade Stars. Woman's hand with long nude colored press on nails.

Final thoughts & my experience

Overall, I’m absolutely obsessed with this new launch. Since I print and package greeting cards every day – (, I’ve had to stop wearing every day nail polish because I can’t risk getting nail polish streaks on my products. However, I always want my nails to look great for blog posts/photos, and events like weddings and parties. So the fact that I can have both with these new press on nails is super exciting.

The one thing I will say about the “long” length is that Olive & June isn’t joking around. These nails are long. And stunning. However, they did make my nail beds a little sore for the first day or so while adjusting to the new length. You also have to get used to doing things differently with long nails, such as typing on the computer or your phone, picking things up, etc. So although I absolutely love and highly recommend these nails, I also recommend you do a “test run” and don’t put them on for the first time like an hour before your wedding.

As far as the “non-damaging glue” is concerned, Olive & June is telling the truth! Like I said in my video, I kept my natural nails super long just to see if the glue and press ons would damage and/or break them. And after a full 5+ days of wear, The Instant Mani came off with no issues. Not a single cracked, torn, or worn nail in sight. It’s very impressive. To be honest, nail polish strips have caused my nails more damage lately than these press ons.

However, I will say, I highly advise you trim your natural nails down first, strictly for aesthetic purposes. Because you can see your natural nails on the underside of the press ons and if they’re long, it just looks weird and more obviously fake. I found myself feeling more self conscious of that than anything else.

Overall, these are an absolute win in my book. In fact, I’ve already purchased 4 more sets. I love how quick and easy they are and how amazing they look. I even made a product demonstration video for a client while wearing these nails and her only comment was “your nails look great!”

So far, my only concern is a tiny one. And that is that not every color comes in every length/shape option! But hopefully Olive & June is using this first launch to test what works and what doesn’t, and maybe the best sellers will come in more shades in the future. My nails are naturally pretty long and I have no issues having even longer nails. Hopefully someday I can also get the long ones in all of my favorite O&J shades like HD & SC.

Full disclosure, I am an Olive & June ambassador, so there are affiliate links in this post. However, this is not sponsored and these are my honest thoughts. All photos, tips, and how to information in this post came from either the Olive & June Instagram tutorial or the O&J website.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!


Shop the new Olive & June Press On Nails (The Instant Mani)

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