Along with most of the world, I recently discovered the Starbucks Medicine Ball tea drink. Which is actually called “Citrus Mint Tea Lemonade”. It’s a mix of lemonade and hot tea with a drizzle of honey, and it’s heaven in a cup. Of course on the surface, the Medicine Ball sounds like a healthy drink – tea, lemonade, and one of my favorite super foods (honey). But when you really break it down, the MB actually isn’t all that healthy.

Healthier Starbucks Medicine Ball Recipe - Teavana Tea

I’ve always had issues with healthy breakfast drinks. For example, I prefer my coffee to taste more like hot cocoa that smells like coffee. A few years ago, I switched from full octane coffee to decaf, and then from decaf coffee to herbal, decaf, or oolong tea. After getting sick this winter, I hopped on the Medicine Ball train. However, after a few days of nursing myself back to health and enjoying my new guilty pleasure, I realized that having the real Citrus Mint Tea Lemonade in my life all of the time wasn’t sustainable (so much sugar!). So I set out to make a healthier version.

Healthier Starbucks Medicine Ball Tea Recipe

Honestly, it only took me one shot to create an amazing new recipe! The basics are all still there – Teavana Jade Citrus Mint tea, Teavana Peach Tranquility tea, lemon, and honey. Although instead of having calorie and sugar laden lemonade, I used one packet of True Lemon – a concentrated crystallized lemon powder I found at my local grocery store. (Just make sure you use the plain ol’ lemon kind instead of the lemonade – which does contain calories and sugar.) In addition to cutting the sugar from the lemonade, I only use about 1-2 tsp of honey, depending on taste, how large my cup is, and how much sugar I want to add that day. Bonus points for using local honey, which can sometimes help allergies!

Plus, if you’re sensitive to caffeine (Jade Citrus Mint has 2 out of 4 dots on the caffeine scale), you can swap the Jade Citrus Mint tea for the Teavana Mint Majesty tea. Although I couldn’t find the Mint Majesty tea in any stores, but you can buy extra tea bags from Starbucks – just ask your friendly local barista.

Healthier Starbucks Medicine Ball Recipe - Teavana Tea

Without further ado, here is my version of a healthier Starbucks Medicine Ball tea…

Healthier Starbucks Medicine Ball Recipe

Hot water
Teavana Jade Citrus Mint Tea
Teavana Peach Tranquility Tea
True Lemon packet

Pour hot water into a mug, add all ingredients, stir and let steep for at least 5 minutes. Then sip and savor all of the yummy flavors and wellness benefits. Last but not least, go take on the day and show the world just how amazing you really are!


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