I am always cold. Always. Especially my hands and feet. But like the saying says “cold hands, warm heart.” Right? This year, instead of doing generic gift guides like “gift guides for her” and “gift guides for people who travel” (what’s traveling?), I decided to go super specific and share more niche things that will totally get used and help make your loved ones lives a little better and maybe even a little easier. Like with my gift guide for people with anxiety and gift guide for aspiring beauty bloggers, I use every single thing on this list of perfect gifts for people who are always cold and can vouch for how amazing each one is.

Perfect gift ideas for people who are always cold

Comfortable furry slippers

These cozy fluffy faux fur slippers from Target are simply delicious. Generally I hate wearing socks. But lately, my feet have just been extra cold and the floor just feels weird under my feet. Honestly I picked these up at Target because they are white faux fur and you know I just can’t resist anything white faux fur. But they’re one of my favorite purchases lately and I just ordered a few additional colors so I never have to go without these slippers. Plus, their $5 price makes them one of the best gifts for people who are always cold.

Soft and cozy Amazon sherpas

With all of the stay at home time this year, I don’t think I’ve purchased a dress, skirt, or a pair of heels in 2020. Which is quite unusual for me. However, I have bought 4 of these comfortable quarter zip sherpas from Amazon. They’re perfect with either jeans or yoga pants (or even pajama pants – no judgment here!) and are so ridiculously soft and comfortable. Sometimes Amazon clothes are of questionable quality. And let me tell you – I ordered 7 different kinds and types of sherpas to find the right one. This one is it.

Heated mattress pad

When I was younger, my parents got us all heated mattress pads and they were the coolest thing ever. Way better than heated blankets. You can find them at Amazon, Kohl’s, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Just click it on at least a half hour before you get into bed and you’ll be nice and toasty. Plus, if your bed is a queen size or larger, it comes split into two – one control on each side. So one side of the bed can be warm while the other is cold. Which is great if one person likes to sleep warm and the other likes to sleep cold. Or, if you sleep by yourself, you can lay on the cold side and put your feet on the warm side.

Giant warm Amazon blanket

I know I mentioned these next two in my gift guide for people with anxiety, but that’s how much I love and rely on them. Also, I think I’m a blanket addict. I have to sleep with a blanket on. Even when it’s hot outside. But I love nothing more than curling up with a giant super soft blanket like this one from Amazon. Plus, it comes in tons of colors which means it will be warm and aesthetically pleasing. It’s a win win!

Snuggly Robe

I spend a lot of time in my robe. Although I do make a point to put on real clothes every day. I don’t let myself lounge in my robe and pjs all day, no matter how much I want to. But in the time between waking up and getting dressed, or putting on pajamas and going to bed, I’m in my robe. My personal favorite is the Ugg Duffield robe. You can get it at Amazon, Zappos, and Ugg. But this one from Target, this one from Nordstrom, and this one from Amazon look super cozy too. Of course can’t leave the boys out! Here are some amazing looking soft and comfortable robes for men from Target, Nordstrom, and Amazon. For the record, the Amazon men’s robe not only comes in the basics like black, gray, and navy, but also an American flag print, tiger stripes, and camo.)

Space heater

One of the more basic gifts for people who are always cold is a space heater. They’re a lot less glamorous than some of the other gifts on this list, but equally great. Plus, some can even have cool air too, making it a gift for all seasons! Personally, I prefer a smaller more compact and easier to store version like this one from Amazon. But you can get larger, fancier versions like this one (also from Amazon).

Heating pad

One of the biggest lessons I learned a long time ago about being a perpetually cold person is that it’s easier to heat the body than it is to heat the room. One of my “cold people hacks” is that I keep a heating pad on my desk chair. That way, no matter how cold it is in the room, I’m always nice and warm. This one from Amazon is 12×24 and has an auto shutoff. Which is super important if you’re going to leave it plugged in.

Hand warmer mug

Years and years ago I got one of these hand warmer mugs and I have been obsessed ever since. They’re shaped so your hand actually sits “inside” the mug, which keeps your hands and fingers warm while you drink your hot beverage of choice. Since your hand curves “into” the mug, you do have to purchase a right or left handed version. I am right handed. However, I prefer a left handed mug. Because I want to be able to hold my coffee while I do other things (like work). So just keep that in mind if you’re going to order one of these.


Last but not least, if you really want to have fun with it, you can give your Ice Queen a wearable blanket sweatshirt. The name brand is Comfy. But I couldn’t find any with free shipping and fast delivery to link for you. So here’s a similar version from Amazon. In fact, this one looks even softer than the OG Comfy.

Runners up – Birdies Slippers and Uggs. If you absolutely have to leave your house and have to put real shoes on, make them Birdies Slippers or Uggs. Uggs for the super cold or bad weather days and Birdies for all the other ones. If you want to read more about Birdies, you can read my full review here (plus you’ll find a promo code for $20 off). TL;DR, they’re the best shoes ever.

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