Everyone gets to a point in their career where they can’t make it any further on their own. No matter how amazing you are, someday you will need help. Sometimes it’s a mentor, other times it’s that perfect connection at just the right time. And sometimes it’s a business coach or a course. I’ve been a little quiet on my blog lately, because my full time job and client work come first. However, that client work is what actually brings this blog post full circle. A little over two years ago, I decided I wanted to take this blog to the next level. I had done everything I could on my own, but I needed expert help. Enter Brittany Hennessy and the Influencer Business Plan.

Influencer Book - Brittany Hennessy Influencer Business Plan Course review

Of course I was first introduced to Brittany Hennessy through her book “Influencer: Building Your Personal Brand in the Age of Social Media“. (And oh my goodness if you are an influencer or want to be an influencer and you haven’t read this book yet, click here and buy it immediately. Thank me later.) After I read her book, I followed her on Instagram and (virtually) attended her conference Duct Tape And A Dream. I took almost an entire notebook full of notes. Once I applied everything I learned, I decided to have a coaching call. It was the most enlightening experience and the first time I realized I could make money as an influencer outside of brand deals. Which was fantastic, because I was a tiny little baby blogger who wasn’t getting brand deals anyway!

After all of those incredible experiences, I knew I had to be in her first round of her new Influencer Business Plan course. Because if I got all of that information and knowledge from one call, one book, and a one day, conference, imagine the amount of information and knowledge I’d gain after an entire dedicated course!

What do you get in the Influencer Business Plan course?

The Influencer Business Plan is a 40 day course split into 9 modules. There is a new lesson each day. Lessons can include videos and/or PDFs. Some days have multiple lessons or videos on the same topic. You also get 7 group chats (one per week) where you can ask Brittany and your classmates any questions about that week’s lessons. In addition, there are sometimes additional benefits to enrolling in different sessions like complimentary access to the Influencer Business Plan Community where you get access to additional videos, live expert interviews, conversations with fellow influencers, and AMA’s with Brittany.

What do you learn in the IBP course?

In the IBP course, you’ll learn everything from who you are, to why you should probably spend less time on Instagram. But most of all, you’ll learn how to make more money. You’ll hear from both Industry Experts and Brittany Hennessy herself about how to create, plan, and market your content, as well as how to up level your income. Without stressing over algorithms and brand deals. In fact, you’ll even hear from an influencer who makes a ton of money off of her blog alone with hardly a brand deal in sight. You’ll also hear from some amazing brand founders if entrepreneurship and creating your own brand is in your dream pipeline. But of course you’ll also learn about pitching, pricing, and working with brands too.

Who is this course for?

The Influencer Business Plan is great for both beginners and experts. But ideally, you’d have some sort of start. Of course you can join with a completely blank slate and create your blog, blog name, target market, monetization strategy, etc. as you go. However, it’s sometimes easier to have a starting point. For example, maybe you’re like me and you’ve been trying this whole “influencer thing” for a couple years but you’re stagnant and just need some help. Or maybe you have a following, but you want to go from making 5 figures a year to 6 so you can quit your full time job and be a full time influencer. Both of those people can be successful with IBP.

The course literally builds on itself from figuring out who you are to figuring out who you want to be. So whether you have 1k Instagram followers, 10k Instagram followers, or 100k Instagram followers, Brittany will teach you how to make more money. And trust me… The number of Instagram followers you have has nothing to do with it…

Who is this course not for?

IBP is not for the weak. I’m just kidding. But seriously. If you take this course, be prepared to put in the work. Honestly, after two years, I still end up with homework every time I talk to Brittany. You’ll get out of it what you put in. If you do the lessons and put your plans into action, the Influencer Business Plan really can help you grow. It will challenge you, make you think, and really give you an edge on your competition who is just out there running around posting photos on Instagram all willy nilly wondering why they don’t have more followers.

How did this course change my life?

You may be reading this thinking “Tiffany, you’re not a huge blogger. You don’t have a ton of Instagram followers. And you even said earlier this blog has been on the back burner! Why should I believe you?” Well let me tell you… You are correct. I have not gotten any big brand deals. I’m not on a million PR lists. And I only posted a handful of blog posts last year. However, my blog made more off of my affiliate links during the last year of me not posting than it did the previous two years combined. And I may not have pitched any major brand deals, but I pitched myself into an entire job. With Brittany Hennessy. That’s right. I used everything I learned in her course and I pitched her into hiring me.

I now run the behind the scenes of the Influencer Business Plan course. Not only do I live and breathe the tips and advice in my everyday life, but now I get to use it to support other influencers and help you guys grow. I’ve also used the IBP method to launch my Etsy shop / greeting card and stationary line (Tiffany Ascensio Designs), and I’ve started writing a book about my experiences as a person living with severe anxiety. And if that doesn’t make me an incredibly successful IBP student, I don’t know what would. I’ll take a job over a one time brand deal any day!

Of course, those are all things the Influencer Business Plan course sets out to teach you. Find your content pillars, find your audience, find your passion, and build your life. The way you want it. The way that makes you happy. And I love that I get to be a very small part of each IBP student’s journey. I hope if you decide to take the course that you work hard, learn a lot, and that it changes your life like it changed mine.

If you want to join the course, the next one starts January 30th! Come hang out with us!


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