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I don’t know about you, but I can’t sleep if there’s any light in the room. Not even a clock. However, even in a pitch black room, sometimes I need a sleep mask. Why? Because in my never ending search for coping mechanisms to help my anxiety and sleep issues, I’ve found that sleep masks can help trick me into sleep. It literally forces me to close my eyes. I couldn’t open them and stare at the ceiling fan, even if I wanted to.

But as a beauty addict, sleep masks have one major flaw – they smash your eyelashes. And ain’t nobody got time for that. Plus, there’s no way I could be the only one with this problem. So I set out to find the best sleep mask for eyelashes. Now that might sound like a silly search, but then again, you’re reading this post. So I’m guessing you might be on that same hunt too… And what I found might surprise you. There are actually several options!

molded sleep masks that are good for eyelashes

In the end, there are really two different kinds that I recommend. Both have positive and negative qualities. But let’s start with the most practical version. The two sleep masks shown above are from Amazon. Of course I have to show both because although they both come in several different colors/patterns, the design options of each are very different when it comes to *aesthetics* and I want you to find the right one that makes you happy. The palm print one also comes in leopard print, floral, and solid black. And the lashes print also comes in light pink, Tiffany blue, and some cute phrases like “do not disturb” and “bride”.

the best sleep mask for eyelashes. Two moulded cup sleep masks on a marble background.

The two biggest positives of these particular sleep masks is that they have molded cups (like a bra!) and velcro straps. To be sure, the molded cups are the most important part, because that’s how this sleep mask protects your eyelashes. It is in contact with your face like a normal sleep mask, but then there is space for your eyes so your lashes don’t get squished! It’s really quite clever. And very comfortable.

Which brings me to the velcro straps. I’ve always had issues with traditional sleep masks because the elastic strap always ends up starting out too large, or eventually stretches out and becomes too large. Which just makes it fall off of your head in the middle of the night. But not these! Thanks to the velcro strap, you can adjust the size of the band so that it fits you perfectly. Even after a few months of wear and washing, you can adjust it! Plus, they’re only $9.99-$11.99 on Amazon. So even if you do decide you want another one, or yours gets worn out, they’re not terribly expensive to replace.

Now onto the negatives of this sleep mask. They eventually start to come apart and don’t last forever. Sometimes they get all weird after several washes, and other times the decorative front starts to peel away from the back. But again, they’re easy to replace. They’re also quite thin. So even though they’re lightweight and comfortable, they’re not super luxurious, and can be a little rough/scratchy against your face. But, for the price, they’re still great.

Slip Silk Lovely Lashes Sleep Mask For Eyelashes

On the other end of the spectrum, my second pick is the Lovely Lashes mask from Slip. Let’s start with the negatives on this one. It’s $55. That’s significantly more expensive than the Amazon non-silk version. It also has an elastic band and not a velcro one. However, I’m obsessed with the positives of this one. It’s literally like sleeping with a silk pillow on your eyes. To be sure, it’s thick and plush, and luxurious. Which it should be.

But that’s one thing I was really missing from the Amazon version. Both the silk and the experience. I sleep on a silk pillowcase and I love anything luxe that makes my sleep experience more elevated. So I hoped someday someone would come out with a silk sleep mask that protects your eyelashes. And luckily for me, Slip did just that!

Slip Silk Lovely Lashes Sleep Mask For Eyelashes

Now, I get the best of both worlds. I get my sleep mask that protects my lashes, and the luxurious experience of sleeping on silk. And honestly, I have not had an issue with the elastic band at all. It never falls off, and does not feel too big. Or too small. I love that it doesn’t soak up my skincare products and is better for both my face skin and my delicate eye skin. But whether you choose the Amazon version or the Slip version, I don’t think you can go wrong either way.

All in all, I keep both sleep masks by my bed. If I travel, I take the Amazon version. But for the most part, I use the Slip silk version. Because if I spent that kind of money on a sleep mask, you’d better bet I’m going to use the heck out of it.


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