It’s that time again, friends! My absolute favorite time of the year – Holiday Collection Launch Season! Although I do love new makeup collections, especially of the Christmas variety, I struggle with the fact that they seem to launch earlier and earlier each year. Even though I love that this means more time to shop (and find things on sale), I feel like it takes a bit away from the “holiday” excitement. However, there are still two huge holiday launches I anticipate every year – MAC Cosmetics and Pat McGrath Labs. First up, let’s talk about the new Pat McGrath Labs Holiday 2021 – Celestial Odyssey Collection.

As always, this collection is big and the post is long. So I created a little table of contents for you. Just click the products below that you want to read more about, and it will jump you straight to that product. Or read all the way through. I’m not here to tell you what to do.

Pat McGrath Labs Holiday 2021 – Table Of Contents

MTHRSHP Mega Palette

Divine Blush & Glow Trios

Skin Fetish: Sublime Skin Highlighter

Celestial Odyssey Luxe Quads

Lust: Luxe Lip Balms

Pat McGrath Labs Holiday 2021 Celestial Odyssey Collection
Photo Credit: Pat McGrath Labs

PMG Celestial Odyssey Collection Overview

The Pat McGrath Labs Celestial Odyssey Collection (Holiday 2021) includes a MTHRSHP Mega palette, two Divine Blush & Glow trios, one highlighter, two eyeshadow quads, and two lip balms. The full collection launches on the Pat McGrath Labs website on September 23rd. It usually launches at Sephora a few weeks later, but of course I will update this post as soon as I know more. (This includes pricing on all items, shade names, and swatches.) In comparison to past holiday collections, this year’s feels smaller for some reason. However, when you compare it to last year (full collection preview post here), it does have one less product, but a wider span of options. Mostly because of the inclusion of the new Divine Blush & Glow trios.

Here is a full list of all of the products in the Pat McGrath Labs Holiday 2021 Celestial Odyssey Collection

MTHRSHP Mega: Celestial Odyssey Eyeshadow Palette
Divine Blush & Glow Trio: Amber Allure
Divine Blush & Glow Trio: Galactic Sun
Skin Fetish: Sublime Skin Highlighter Lunar Nude
Celestial Odyssey Luxe Quad: Bronze Borealis
Celestial Odyssey Luxe Quad: Deep Space Divinity
Lust: Luxe Lip Balm Nude Temptation
Lust: Luxe Lip Balm Naked Rose

Pat McGrath Labs Holiday 2021 Celestial Odyssey Collection - MTHRSHP Mega Eyeshadow Palette
Photo Credit: Pat McGrath Labs

PMG MTHRSHP Mega: Celestial Odyssey Eyeshadow Palette

Of course I have to start with the showstopper of the whole collection, the new MTHRSHP Mega palette. This massive stunner of a palette contains 18 shades and is $78. Last year, the palette was a mix of past and new shades. This year is no different. One thing I really love about these MTHRSHP Mega palettes is that you get the PMG experience (and 18 shades!) at a much more reasonable cost than the traditional 10 pan Mothership palettes ($125). In my opinion, the only differences between this palette and the more expensive versions are that the pan sizes are slightly smaller, and the packaging isn’t as luxe. But for the cost trade off, it’s totally worth it.

Pat McGrath Labs Holiday 2021 Celestial Odyssey Collection - Blush & Glow Duos - Galactic Sun & Amber Allure
Photo Credit: Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath Labs Divine Blush & Glow Trios

This year, Mother added two new Divine Blush and Glow Trios to the family – Amber Allure and Galactic Sun. To be completely honest, I’m totally obsessed with these. Each trio includes two shades of blush and a highlighter. Amber Allure looks to be a bit more warm toned and Galactic Sun looks a bit more cool toned. The Galactic Sun trio includes the blush shades Divine Rose and Desert Orchid with the highlighter Golden Nectar. The Amber Allure trio includes the shades Lovestruck and Paradise Venus and the highlighter Venus Nectar.

My only complaint about these trios is that they contain already existing shades. So no matter how much I want to buy one, I hesitate since I already have the Divine Rose blush. And the highlighter in the Galactic Sun trio looks a lot like the Divine Rose collection Ultra Glow highlighter. But I’m going to reserve my final decision until I see swatches. However, I also am in agreement that every holiday collection shouldn’t all be limited edition shades. I just think repackaging best sellers for holiday lacks a bit of creativity.

Also, I wish these contained a bronzer instead of a second blush. I know Pat McGrath Labs doesn’t have bronzers (yet), but when they do, I really hope they relaunch these as full face palettes.

Pat McGrath Labs Holiday 2021 Celestial Odyssey Collection - Skin Fetish Sublime Skin Highlighter Lunar Nude
Photo Credit: Pat McGrath Labs

Skin Fetish: Sublime Skin Highlighter

The new Skin Fetish: Sublime Skin Highlighter Lunar Nude is the latest addition to the PMG limited edition highlighter family. Pat McGrath Labs launched the first installment in this group in the 2020 Holiday Collection, followed by a second in the Divine Rose collection. This packaging looks like a mix between the two. Which is a very happy discovery. The first highlighter was nice, but the packaging was heavy and a bit clunky. The second was cute, but lacked the “glam” of the traditional PMG packaging. This gold and black combo is a really great mix.

As far as the shade, I need to wait for swatches to make my full judgment. But it looks less pink than Divine Rose and a bit lighter than holiday 2020. In my opinion, it looks a bit more like a traditional “champagne” highlighter.

Pat McGrath Labs Holiday 2021 Celestial Odyssey Collection - Luxe Quads - Eyeshadow Palettes - Deep Space Divinity & Bronze Borealis
Photo Credit: Pat McGrath Labs

PMG Holiday 2021 Celestial Odyssey Luxe Quads

Out of all of the products in the new Pat McGrath Labs Holiday 2021 collection, these two are the most disappointing. Every year I find myself “needing” one of the (usually 3) new holiday luxe quads. Not only that, but theres always one with a combination of unique and trending new shades. Like the peach and lavender from 2020 and the hot pink from 2019. However, these two look like remixes of past collections.

Now let me say this… If you are a Pat McGrath Labs beginner or are looking for somewhere to start. The Bronze Borealis palette looks like a great starting point. It has your neutrals with some glam options. However, depending on your skin tone, PMG golds can run very yellow/warm. And with a palette this small (and at this cost), I want to make sure you can use all four shades and get your money’s worth.

Of course, the same could be said about the Deep Space Divinity palette as well. Between the brown, gold, and blue, you can create a lot of really beautiful looks. And in one photo, the blue looks like a really stunning possible duo chrome. But I just wish these were a bit more “wow”. Especially since they’re both a holiday collection and quite expensive.

Pat McGrath Labs Holiday 2021 Celestial Odyssey Collection - Lust Luxe Lip Balm

Pat McGrath Labs Lust: Luxe Lip Balm

To date, I think this is the only Pat McGrath Labs product I haven’t tried. Primarily because I’m not the biggest fan of lip balms you have to apply with your fingers. I much prefer the version that comes in a tube. Although, with as soft as PMG lip balms are, this tin does make more sense than in a tube. And of course the packaging is much more lux than a squeeze tube alternative. So aside from “the packaging is cute and hopefully won’t come open in your bag”, I really don’t have anything of note to add regarding a review of these lip balms.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m one of the biggest Pat McGrath Labs advocates you’ll find. So I’m not being critical of this collection as a hater. But rather, as a collector. PMG is top of the top and should act like it. When you have wow prices, you should have wow products. Especially in your biggest collection of the year.

What are your thoughts? Are any of these products on your holiday wish list? Let me know in the comments!


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