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Everything about spring makes me happy. The warmer weather. Longer days. The flowers. The optimism and new beginnings. I also have this vision that the absolute perfect party theme would be an Alice in Wonderland meets Bridgerton tea party. So when I found out the new Olive & June Spring 2022 Collection theme would be High Tea full of floral inspired pastels, I was full on swooning. And with a new season of Bridgerton right around the corner, you know I have my pastel polishes and floral teacups ready!

What’s In The Olive & June High Tea Collection for Spring 2022?

The Olive & June Spring 2022 High Tea Collection includes 6 new nail polish shades and 4 new sets of press ons. Of course both the polish shades and press ons are pastel floral themed and oh so gorgeous. As far as the nail polish shades, there is a purple, a yellow, a pink, a nude, a light green, and a lavender and they are $9 each. They’re a really great mix between a pastel and an Easter color. And not at all sorbet-like.

Olive & June Spring 2022 High Tea Collection
Photo credit: Olive & June. Edits by me.

Shades and descriptions from the O&J High Tea collection:

Cucumber Sandwich – a super fresh cool green
You’re Invited – a playful lilac purple*
The Queen Takes Her Tea With Milk – a sheer mauve neutral
Golden Afternoon – a sunny spring marigold*
Jam Please – a glowing soft magenta
Strawberry Scone – a sweet pink sheer

In this collection, Olive & June is doing two things they’re not really known for. Limited edition shades and sheers. This collection includes two limited edition shades! You’re Invited and Golden Afternoon are both limited edition. Which means once they’re gone, they’re gone. And O&J shades can sell out quickly. So if you’re interested in one of these two shades or the full collection, you’d better be logged on and ready to hit buy on launch day!

Olive & June Limited Edition Shades - You're Invited and Golden Afternoon - and Sheer Shades  - Strawberry Scone and The Queen Takes Her Tea With Milk - from the 2022 Spring High Tea Collection
Photo credit: Olive & June. Edits by me.

This collection also has two sheers – The Queen Takes Her Tea WIth Milk and Strawberry Scone. Since these are the two more neutral shades in the collection, that means they’re going to be even lighter and softer than they look in the bottle. We’re talking just a hint of color here. So if you’re looking for a good nude or soft pink that is more opaque, I’d go with one of the O&J traditional shades like Rose Valley or GH instead of Strawberry Scone or HZ or CCT instead of The Queen Takes Her Tea With Milk.

What are the O&J Spring 2022 High Tea Press Ons?

The four new Olive & June Spring 2022 press on nails include 3 pattered options and 2 solids and are $10 each. They are You’re Invited in Short Squoval, Strawberry Scone in Extra Short Round, Gingham French in Medium Oval (a nude nail with a pink and white gingham tip), Faded Florals in Short Round (a blush pink nail with faded pastel floral designs), and Micro Floral in Extra Short Squoval (a navy nail with a tiny pink floral pattern). (If you want more details about the Olive & June press on nails, I have a full blog post and YouTube video you can check out here.)

Olive & June Spring 2022 Press Ons High Tea Collection
Photo credit: Olive & June. Edits by me.

Honestly, I’m a little disappointed in this selection. I’m not usually a nail art kind of girl, but I want the navy floral set SO bad. But not in short round! Where are my long nails? Almond shape? Don’t get me wrong. All five options are super cute. I just feel like they’re a little blah and limiting only offering them mainly in short/extra short. Also, I feel like the navy kind of came out of nowhere. Of course you know that and the Faded Florals are my favorite out of the 5. But it seems weird to do a super dark striking nail in a softer yellow/green heavy collection. I think they could have easily done a micro floral pattern with the Cucumber Sandwich shade to pull that green through the whole collection. Or swap Golden Afternoon with a navy.

Will the Olive & June Spring 2022 Colors Be Available At Target?

As of the time of posting, I’m not sure. But you know I’ll update this post as soon as I hear either way! (And until then, you can order some of the original nail polish shades or press on nail shades at Target here. I highly recommend ordering online, because my local Targets have been VERY limited in press on selection the last few times I checked.

Olive & June Spring 2022 High Tea Collection
Photo credit: Olive & June. Edits by me.

Overall, I think this is a fun spring collection. It’s not totally predictable and has a fun twist on pastels/florals for spring. I just wish there were better options for the press ons.

What do you think of the Olive & June Spring 2022 High Tea Collection? Was it what you expected? How do you feel about O&J offering limited edition shades? Let me know in the comments!

Oh! And don’t forget… I’m an Olive & June ambassador. So you can get 20% off any system by using code tiffanyascensio20!


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Photo credit: Olive & June. Edits by me.

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