Ok the beauty world was in a slump coming out of the panini. But baby girl, she’s back! And let me tell you, she is NOT playing around! Lately I’ve seen eye shadow palettes, face palettes, blushes, and now even nail polishes that I just can’t wait to get my hands on. As you know if you’ve been here before, I’m an Olive and June ambassador and a huge fan. Although they’ve had some great collections lately (and there is no bigger O&J Instant Mani Press Ons fan than me – full review here), I’ve skipped most of them. I mean, they’re pretty and all, but just not my cup of tea. However, this new launch of the Olive and June Rainbow Goldfish Collection has the Lisa Frank / roll on glitter gel / glow in the dark star sticker loving kid in me jumping for joy.

What is the new Olive and June Rainbow Goldfish Collection?

The new O&J Rainbow Goldfish Collection is inspired by the runaway hit limited edition shade Pink Goldfish. This time, Pink Goldfish is back and she brought her sparkly rainbow besties. The Rainbow Goldfish collection consist of 5 new shades plus the OG Pink Goldfish. However, one of the cool things about this launch is that it’s mostly minis. In fact, all 5 of the new shades are minis, but Pink Goldfish is full size. I think this is pretty cool, because these shades are all iridescent toppers. So although they look pretty intense in the bottle, they’re super sheer and sparkly. Perfect for wearing on their own or topping your favorite O&J shades.

All polishes are 7-free and long lasting. Pink Goldfish is 13 ml and the rest of the collection are all 7ml each. Pink Goldfish is $9 and the full collection of all 6 is $38. The new shades are all limited edition and ONLY COME AS A SET! (Sorry for yelling, but I think that’s important to know.) But Pink Goldfish is making her debut in the permanent collection!

What are the shades in the Olive & June Rainbow Goldfish Collection?

Pink Goldfish – Pink iridescent
Mermaid Hair – Purple iridescent
That’s So Ursula – Blue iridescent
Shellphone Bling – Green iridescent
My Little Seapony – Turquoise Iridescent
Baby Starfish – Coral iridescent

Olive And June Rainbow Goldfish Collection Nail Polish Swatches And Shades
Photo Credit: Olive & June

Are there press ons in the O&J Rainbow Goldfish Collection?

Duh! Because press ons are the best! And just like the regular press ons, these are $10 each. The new Olive & June Rainbow Goldfish Press Ons are:

Baby Starfish – Extra short round
Mermaid Hair – Medium almond
That’s So Ursula – Extra Short Squoval
My Little Seapony – Short Round
Shellphone Bling – Short Squoval
Pink Goldfish – Medium Oval and Extra short round

I will absolutely be buying Mermaid Hair and Pink Goldfish (medium oval). Although I was super disappointed that O&J never do limited edition collection press ons in long, I recently tried some medium and short and really, the shorts are pretty long. And that’s saying something coming from me. So now I’m open to short, medium, and long lengths depending on my mood. If you want to know more about how amazing the press ons are, you can check out my full review and YouTube video here.

Olive And June Rainbow Goldfish Collection Press Ons And Nail Polish Review
Photo Credit: Olive & June

Final thoughts on the new Olive And June Rainbow Goldfish Collection.

I think this launch is SO pretty. I love the additions of sheer toppers for summer. They will all look absolutely stunning on their own or over a white (like HD) and will look gorge on the beach or at the pool. Plus, toppers are always amazing for holiday.

However, I am disappointed that you can only get the new shades in the full set. It feels wasteful. Like what if you only want one of the shades? What if you don’t like blues? Or pinks? I was really excited about this whole concept until I found that out. Personally, I’d much rather pay a couple dollars more for a full size individual of only the one or two that I wanted, instead of paying more for the full set and getting several I’ll never wear. Although I will say that with the holiday season coming up, splitting sets of minis into multiple gifts/stocking stuffers is a personal favorite pasttime.

No matter what you decide, I’m sure these colors will be stunning. I will be picking up two of the press ons. I am a huge fan of white nails all year round, and I think these iridescent sets will be the perfect addition to my nail rotation. Since I’m an O&J ambassador, make sure you use code tiffanyascensio20 for 20% off all new customer mani or pedi sets! And don’t forget a Poppy when you place your order. It’s seriously a game changer.


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