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Sometimes something happens in pop culture that drives trends for months. This year, it’s the release of Bridgerton Season II on Netflix. No matter which direction you turn, you’re sure to see elements of The Ton. Whether it’s pastels, nap dresses, or dainty florals, Bridgerton elements are perfect for spring. For example, Olive and June just launched an entire tea party themed nail polish collection full of bold pastels (full preview here). And of course Hill House always has pastel floral nap dress options. Of course you know the Mother Of Makeup is never late to a trend party. So I’m excited to share the news of the new Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton II Collection.

Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton II Collection
Photo credit: Pat McGrath Labs. Edits by @tiffanyascensio

What’s in the Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton II Collection?

The new PMG x Bridgerton II collection launches at the PMG website on March 23rd and includes another 6 pan eyeshadow palette, another blush palette, 7 satin lipsticks, a body shimmer, and a kohl eyeliner. All of the products are packaged in a continuation of the original PMG x Bridgerton regency designs but with a peachy pink twist instead of the original blue. To be sure, these products do have the “lower” price points that go along with the more campy cardboard packaging instead of the traditional PMG black. Which is not surprising since all of the MTHRSHP palettes have come with this type of packaging.

This collection does contain one new type of packaging/presentation (the blush/highlighter palette has never been packaged this way before), and a brand new product (the shimmer body powder). Aside from that, the lipsticks and eyeshadow palette are quite standard.

As always, this post is super long. So feel free to click the product names below to jump straight to that section. Or read all the way through. I can’t tell you what to do.

Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton II Table of Contents:

MTHRSHP Belle of the Ball Eye Shadow Palette

Blushing Delights Blush Palette

SatinAllure Lipstick

Skintillating Diamond Body Shimmer

Legendary Wear Velvet Kohl Eyeliner

Final Thoughts

Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton II MTHRSHP: Belle of the Ball Eye Shadow Palette

Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton II MTHRSHP: Belle of the Ball Eye Shadow Palette shades and swatches
Photo credit: Pat McGrath Labs. Edits by @tiffanyascensio

Without delay, let’s get started! The new PMG x Bridgerton II MTHRSHP Belle of the Ball palette contains 6 new eyeshadow shades and is $65. It features bee designs and a bust, exactly like the OG collection. According to PMG, this palette contains 5 different “futuristic finishes” including velvet matte, satin-matte, a highlight shade, and two astral shades. (If you’re not familiar with PMG’s astral shades, they’re usually more translucent and full of insane sparkle than a full coverage shadow.)

Refinement – luminous pale rose gold highlighter
Regency Romance – peony pink satin matte
Diamond’s Desire – golden beige diamond sparkle astral
Forbidden Amour – velvety plum matte
Daring Dandy – pastel aqua metallic shimmer
Forever Charmed – divinely deepened chartreuse sparkle astral

Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton – MTHRSHP Belle of the Ball & MTHRSHP Diamond of the First Water eyeshadow palette comparison

Honestly, I’m quite shocked at how similar this palette is to the PMG x Bridgerton original eyeshadow palette. (Comparison shown below.) I mean I know there are no exact shades, but holy cow they look alike. Even down to the placement of which shadows have the designs on them. And both palettes have a burgundy and a red/coral/pink. Plus one champagne type shade and one astral pastel. Like why? There is such a HUGE opportunity here to create a totally different palette to make people want to buy both! But with these two, why would I buy both with such similar shades? It almost makes me wonder if this should have just been one Mothership 10 pan palette and just get rid of one of the reds, one of the burgundys, one of the champagnes, and add in a lavender.

Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton collection 1 and PMG x Bridgerton Collection II eyeshadow palette comparison and swatches
Photo credit: Pat McGrath Labs. Edits by @tiffanyascensio

I also struggle with both palettes including a red and burgundy shade because they can be quite difficult to wear. Plus, a lot of red/burgundy shades can stain your skin. (To be fair, pinks can too. I’m not just picking on red/burgundy shades.) So I’m interested to see how these actually wear and swatch in real life. And not that every palette should be all neutrals. Because they shouldn’t. But I do think you should be able to create a cohesive everyday look out of every palette and these feel like very limited special occasion shades to me. And at this price point, you should be able to wear them more often.

Although I have opinions about these shades and shade combinations, I have even stronger opinions about the PMG eyeshadow formulas. Which ice that they are absolutely amazing. If for some reason, you come across a PMG shade that doesn’t cooperate, it’s probably because it needs to be handled with care. For example, a lot of Mother’s super dark matte shades will skip if you apply too much at once and don’t blend. But if you take it slow, apply a little bit at a time, and blend, blend, blend, they’ll be lovely.

PMG x Bridgerton II Blushing Delights Blush And Highlighter Palette

PMG x Bridgerton II Blushing Delights Blush And Highlighter Palette shades and swatches
Photo credit: Pat McGrath Labs. Edits by @tiffanyascensio

Next up we have the new Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton II Blushing Delights Blush and Highlighter Palette. It contains 3 shades of blush and 1 highlighter and is $52. I like the combination of blushes in this palette. It seems to be a good mix of colors for different skin tones. Bright hot pink blushes are coming back on trend, and orange is super hot right now. So these shades make a lot of sense from a trend perspective. I do wish the highlight was more of a universal Champagne and less straight up yellow. It doesn’t seem to really flatter any of the skin tones in the swatches.

Personally, I hate this packaging. For a $52 product, this has a lot of wasted space and packaging. And I really hate that the highlighter is in the shape of a heart. I think they should have kept the design of the original highlighter palette from PMG x B I. Plus, that packaging came with a mirror. Neither lists a product weight, but the new one looks like it has a smaller pan size than the first collection.

Pat McGrath Labs SatinAllure Lipstick

Pat McGrath Labs SatinAllure Lipstick shades and swatches
Photo credit: Pat McGrath Labs. Edits by @tiffanyascensio

The seven new PMG SatinAllure Lipsticks are $32 each and come in either peachy pink or blue packaging. Notably, the lipsticks have a satin shine finish with medium buildable coverage and come in a mix of warm and cool shades. To be sure, one of my favorite things about this packaging is that it actually differentiates between the cool and warm tones! For example, the three shades above in the pink tubes are all of the warm shades. Whereas the four in the blue packaging are all cool tones. Which I absolutely love because it makes it a lot easier to figure out what you’re working with.

Warm toned shades:
Entranced – Warm Flesh Rose
Negligee – Neutral Pink Beige
Venusian Peach – Light Peachy Nude

Cool toned shades:
Nude Romantique 2 – Cool Neutral Pink Nude
Veiled Rose – Mid-Tone Mauve Pink
Infatuation – Vivid Cool-Tone Berry Pink
Elson 5 – True Blue Red

Although I love the pink v blue packaging, it makes me wonder if the blue set was actually supposed to come out with the Bridgerton I collection. Because that one was all themed in blues and collection II is all in pinks. But collection I only contained an eye shadow palette, highlighter palette, and two additional highlighters, without a lip product in sight. Which is very odd for a PMG collection. To be sure, they almost always include lip products.

As with all of her products, Mother makes great lipsticks. However, I will ALWAYS default to the Lust Glosses (full review here).

PMG x Bridgerton II Skintillating Diamond Body Shimmer

PMG x Bridgerton II Skintillating Diamond Body Shimmer shades and swatches
Photo credit: Pat McGrath Labs. Edits by @tiffanyascensio

Next we have the brand new Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton II Scintillating Diamond Body Shimmer. It is a translucent loose body shimmer that comes in two shades, is $52, and includes this adorable puff. Please note this product is lightly fragranced.

To be sure, I cannot tell you how much I want this product. Although I will never use it because I don’t really have a use for body shimmer. But I absolutely love the idea of any product with a puff. Especially just the mental image of sitting at my vanity in a satin and feather robe (like this one from Amazon) and applying powder with a bow adorned puff makes me so happy. Out of the two shades, I personally would go with the pink version. However, I do wish there was a more neutral silvery champagne, as I worry even the pink will be too dark.

Pat McGrath Labs Legendary Wear Velvet Kohl Eyeliner

PMG Legendary Wear Velvet Kohl Eyeliner

Last but not least, the Pat McGrath Labs Legendary Wear Velvet Kohl Eyeliner is $28. According to PMG, this is a “smudge and set” liner. I don’t really have a lot to say about this one. In fact, I’m kind of confused. A dark black smudgy smokey eye doesn’t really seem to fit with the “Bridgerton” look. And it’s super easy to go overboard with this kind of “crayon-like” eyeliner. It would have been cool to turn this into more of an eyeliner/eye shadow crayon like the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks and do like a pastel blue, champagne, etc. But I’d have to see this one in person to really understand its appeal.

Final Thoughts

Although I sound a bit cranky in this post, I don’t hate this collection. (Well, maybe just the heart shaped highlighter.) Despite the feeling that the eyeshadow palette creativity was a bit lacking, the collection is perfectly themed and put together. To be sure, each item is great on it’s own. However, when I compare them to each other and to the original collection, it feels a bit lackluster. But that’s not the purpose of every collection! For one thing, not everyone has/needs/wants to buy every product from every collection like I do. Therefore, these are all incredible products for dipping your toe into the PMG pond.

Overall I have loved almost every PMG product I’ve ever tried. Of course you can never go wrong when you use products you love. All things considered, if I were to buy anything from this collection, it would be the loose body shimmer and the lipstick shades Nude Romantique II and Veiled Rose. I think if I were going to buy one of the eye shadow palettes or blush palettes, I would buy both the blush and eye shadow palettes from the PMG x Bridgerton I collection. To be sure, I feel the shades are more universal and usable and the blush palette was a better value.

What do you think? Are any of the Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton II products on your list? Let me know in the comments!


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