Tiffany & Co. will always hold a special place in my heart. I remember when I was little my dad had a coworker that would give me her empty Tiffany & Co. boxes. At that age, I just knew these beautiful blue boxes had my name on them and that was pretty cool (but I secretly wished they were pink).

Tiffany Box and Macarons

As I got older, I learned what that pretty blue color actually represented – timeless, elegant, classic (and very expensive!) jewelry.

The first piece of jewelry I ever bought myself was from Tiffany & Co. I really love their sterling silver pieces because they are simple and last forever.

Tiffany Box

For Christmas, a couple of years ago, my mom surprised me with the most perfect piece of Tiffany jewelry I have ever seen. (And I mean “Tiffany jewelry” in the sense that it was both made by Tiffany and Co. and that my name is Tiffany and it is my jewelry.) Inside the last present I opened, was a little blue box tied with a luxurious white satin ribbon. Just like those boxes I used to play with as a little girl. Inside the box was a necklace with a tiny high heel charm and a Tiffany blue sole.

Tiffany Shoe Necklace 02

I’m not sure there could have been a piece of jewelry that was more perfectly suited for me if it was custom made!

Because of my lifelong attachment to the little blue box, I could not have been more excited to get invited to a recent shopping event at Tiffany & Co.! Upon arrival, we were greeted with glasses of champagne and a little tower of Tiffany blue macarons.

Tiffany Store 03

After talking with Gale (the wonderful man who invited me to the event), we were free to shop the store and admire all of the beauty it contains.

Tiffany Pearls Mirror 02

I absolutely fell in love with this strand of pearls. I thought they were breathtakingly beautiful, classic, and elegant. They are on my wish list for sure.

Tiffany Notecards

I love their stationary too. They have these cute little embossed card sets with images on them like a little silver dragonfly, that signature blue box (so adorable!), and even these incredible Christmas designs. I also love this “thank you” set where the T in “thank you” is Tiffany blue. They are the notecard kind that are flat and don’t open. Those are my favorite.

Tiffany Perfume 01

The most recent addition to the store is their Tiffany Eau de Parfum. It is light and crisp and not at all “old lady”. I was pleasantly surprised. I can’t wait to add this beauty to my vanity!

Last, but not least, they have these amazing Tiffany blue umbrellas in the store, but they won’t let you buy them. I tried. (Sigh.) Overall, it was such a fun Cinderella kind of evening. Even better? My shoes didn’t turn into pumpkins at midnight.


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