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We talk a lot about makeup innovation around here. Sometimes its unique concepts like the ABH Electric Cake Liners. Other times, it’s about products that help make things easier, like the Kaja Wink Stamp. But sometimes the best innovations are just re-brands of your favorite things, made a little bit better. For example – the Kaja Beauty Eyeshadow Trio. In fact, these eyeshadow trios are so innovative and great that they are a 2019 Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner.

Kaja Beauty Eyeshadow Trio Chocolate Dahlia Review

Of course eyeshadow palettes are nothing new. But a mini eyeshadow palette with three coordinating eyeshadow shades that all fold up to be just larger than the size of one MAC Cosmetics single eyeshadow? Now that’s awesome.

Kaja Beauty Eyeshadow Trio Chocolate Dahlia Review

The Kaja Beauty Bento Bouncy Shimmer Shadow Eyeshadow Trio is $21 each and comes in 9 shade combos. Not only that, but four of the combos are all shimmers. The other six are a combo of mattes and shimmers (2 mattes, 1 shimmer each.) I am obsessed with these combos. They are an entire eye look in one cute little package! According to my formula for creating the perfect eyeshadow look, you need three things to create a great look: a neutral matte, a shimmer, and a darker matte. And look at that! These Kaja eyeshadow trios have 3 shades – a neutral matte, a shimmer, and a darker matte.

Kaja Beauty Eyeshadow Trio Chocolate Dahlia Swatches and Review

I have the shade Chocolate Dahlia. But I keep finding myself on the Sephora website perusing all of the other shade combos trying to decide what shades I should buy next. They are all so pretty! I think Glowing Guava might be next. Although I prefer the combos with both matte and shimmer shades over the shimmer only combos. You guys know how much I love a “one and done” palette. Oh man I wish these existed when I used to travel all the time for photo shoots. Knowing I could just toss a trio into my bag and not have to bring an entire palette. That would have been so great.

Kaja Beauty Eyeshadow Trio Chocolate Dahlia Review

As for the formula and performance of these shadows, they are really great! I didn’t have any issues with blending or with wear. In fact, they’re even more stunning in person. Especially the shimmer shade. For example, I went to visit my parents the other day and my mom commented how pretty the sparkle was. Honestly it’s absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to see the other shades/combos in person.

Kaja Beauty Eyeshadow Trio Chocolate Dahlia Review

I’m a huge fan of these little Kaja eyeshadow stacks. To explain, I think they are perfect for beginners, experts, and everyone in between. For example, if you’re not sure about how to pair your shadows, these trios take the guesswork out of it. Or if you’re a big traveler or always on the go, these little sets make it so easy to grab one and go. And if you’re a fan of color, the hot pink trio looks gorgeous. Plus, you get all of that with great quality shadows at an equally great price.

Overall Ranking (out of 5) –
Kaja Beauty Eyeshadow Trio – 5 –
I’m obsessed with these. They are perfect for both beginners and beyond. Plus they are a great price, awesome for travel, and are great quality. Love.


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