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In general, the summer is a weird time for makeup. As the temps rise and the days get longer, people seem to wear less and less makeup. For example, trading foundations for BB cream and full smokey eyes for just a swipe of light mascara. Not to mention that this summer, masks are making our beauty lives even more complicated. However, there’s one thing I always love having in my stash year round – a great lip mask. (And not the mask I just mentioned. Although you need one of those too.) This summer I’ve become a huge fan of the Tarte SEA collection. And the Tarte Cosmetics SEA Jelly Glaze Lip Mask does not disappoint.

Tarte SEA Jelly Glaze Strawberry Review

For one thing, the Tarte Jelly Glaze comes in these cute little squeeze tubes that are so easy to toss in your bag. Even better, you don’t have to worry about them melting in the hot summer sun like your favorite lipstick. Not only that, but they give just the slightest hint of tint and a super summery smell. My favorite is the Strawberry. In fact, it has that classic “strawberry” smell. Like a Strawberry Shortcake doll. Of course Mila loves it too. But she loves every lip gloss. Not to mention this gloss is hydrating, vegan, and contains “botanical oils rich in essential fatty acids to replenish moisture and improve texture”, as well as hyaluronic acid to add “visible moisture, firmness, and suppleness”, and “marine plant extracts to help reduce the appearance of fine lines while smoothing and softening the look of skin”. (Per the Sephora website.)

The Tarte Cosmetics SEA Jelly Glaze Anytime Lip Mask is $14 and comes in three different options – Coconut Toasted, Grapefruit, and Strawberry. The Coconut Toasted comes in a yellow tube with a nude tint, Grapefruit comes in an orange tube with more of an orangey-coral tint, and Strawberry comes in a pink tube with a pink tint. Although I prefer a more classic and sophisticated packaging design, the Tarte Jelly Glaze lip balm tubes are bright and fun and youthful. The Tarte SEA line is really knocking things out of the park this summer. I’m obsessed with the Tarte SEA Breezy Cream Bronzer and Bronzer Brush (full review here), and I enjoyed the new Tarte SEA Hydrocealer too (full review here). I’m really loving the concealer for lighter summer looks instead of my normal full coverage go to – IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer.

Tarte SEA Jelly Glaze Lip Mask Strawberry Swatch and Review

This lip mask reminds me a lot of the consistency of other popular lip masks – Laniage, Summer Fridays, and Bite. To be sure, it’s a bit thicker than a normal lip balm, but not as thick as like vaseline. It’s very comfortable to wear and the tint didn’t leave any issues after it wore off. No staining or weird residue. Plus it’s a “Clean at Sephora” product. Which I really love since we end up ingesting an insane amount of lip products throughout our lives. (And spiders. But let’s not talk about that.)

Tarte SEA Jelly Glaze Lip Mask Strawberry Review

Overall Ranking (out of 5) –
Tarte Cosmetics SEA Jelly Glaze Lip Mask – 4.5 –
It’s a nice lip mask. The cost is great. The packaging is a bit youthful, but not off brand. Of course the summer flavors are cute. But I love that it’s vegan, clean, and has skincare level benefits.


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