I am going to let you in on a little secret. Whenever I apply my eyeshadow, I use the exact same method almost every time. In fact, I have used it every time I’ve posted a makeup look on this blog. It’s so simple and will help you create a fantastic look with any color palette you choose. And today I’m going to share my super secret four step formula for easy eyeshadow with you.

Notably, this eye shadow formula comes in two parts. First, you need to choose your colors. Second, you need to know how and where to apply them. For the sake of this tutorial, I used neutral colors to create a simple every day look. However, this easy eyeshadow technique can be used with a spectrum of shades, including a smokey eye or bright hues. The trick is all in how you coordinate, layer, and blend.

Easy eyeshadow looks

To explain, all you really need for a great eyeshadow look are four colors. A skin-tone neutral transition shade, a (usually) lighter lid shade, a mid-tone crease shade, and a darker outer crease shade. By applying this formula, you can create fantastic makeup looks using any color of the rainbow.

First, apply your transition shade to your crease, extending both a bit above and a bit below your traditional crease area, using windshield wiper motions. Second, apply your lid shade all over your lid. This shade will usually be one of the lightest shades in your look. Even if you are creating a bold colorful eye, your lid shade should still be lighter than your step #4 outer crease color. Next, apply your mid-tone crease shade to your crease, using the same windshield wiper motions as your transition shade. But keep the color more refined and isolated to your traditional crease area. Finally, apply your darkest shade to the outer corner of your eyes, deepening your crease and giving your eyes a bit more depth.

Of course, there are a few things to remember with every step. First of all, when applying eyeshadow, be careful and thoughtful with your movements so you don’t flick eyeshadow powder all over your face. Second, make sure you blend everything properly so you don’t just have stripes of color on your eyes. You want to make it look like the colors are all gradient or variants of the same color. By using this formula, you ensure you have the right colors in the right places, giving your eyes fantastic depth and dimension.

Typically, this is easiest when using different shades of the same color. Like with today’s neutral look, a gray/black smokey eye, or even a blue look like in my Colourpop Blue Moon Palette review. However, you can create a unique color story with very different shades and use the same philosophy, like I did with my aqua and coral look in my Jouer Tan Lines Palette YouTube video. Once you have the hang of it, the (beauty) world is your oyster!

Honestly, you can use the same technique with only 3 colors (just don’t put a darker #4 color in your outer crease) or a ton of colors. For example, my Too Faced Shake Your Palm Palms look used 5 shades and my Huda Beauty Neon look used 6. Although I’ve created looks with many more than 6 colors too!

Of course, I have a full video tutorial sharing this secret easy eyeshadow formula with you – including a full how-to on todays look! Check it out below.


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