I love smoothies. In fact, they’re a great way to add hidden veggies into your diet. Plus they’re so good for an on the go snack or meal replacement. However, there are a lot of cons to making smoothies yourself. Of course it’s cheaper that way (which is why it’s my usual go-to). But it can also lead to a full freezer, time consuming meal prep, and blender cleaning. Not to mention that we generally greatly overestimate portion sizes which means you could be consuming a lot of extra carbs and calories. So when I got the chance to try out the personal pod blender smoothie system for myself and share a full Vejo review, I jumped at the chance.

Vejo review - personal pod blender for smoothies - matcha latte, Pina strawberry, Strawberry Banana, Tropical, orange blender

The Vejo blender is the world’s first pod based blender. Think of it like a Keurig for smoothies. Except the pods are biodegradable. (They’re working on a water soluble pod as well!) In fact, everything is designed to be sleek, eco friendly, and perfect for on the go. On the surface, the blender itself is absolutely adorable. I love the bright bold matte finish. It comes in 9 colors including pink, blue, black, and white. Once you open the blender, you’ll find a fill line, the actual blender part, and a little ledge for the pod. All you have to do to make an incredible smoothie is pour in water (or almond, oat, or any milk of your choice), pop in the pod, twist on the lid, and voila! The blender starts on it’s own and you have a perfect smoothie in 30 seconds.

Vejo review - personal pod blender for smoothies - matcha latte, Pina strawberry, Strawberry Banana, and Tropical pods in a box

Vejo pods come in 22 different flavors and varieties. The pods include formulas ranging from fruit only to protein shakes to sleep aids. Not only do they come in a huge variety, but they also are completely transparent with the ingredients. Since I have so many food allergies, it was able to go through each and every pod to find the flavors that didn’t contain any allergens. And I still had tons of choices! There are so many that are Whole30 compliant, Paleo, and free of dairy, soy, gluten, and added sugar.

For this Vejo review, I tried Pina Strawberry, Clean Greens, Pina Greens, Tropical, Strawberry Banana, Banana Almond, and Matcha Latte. You know… for research… One of my favorite little details is that the pods actually tell you what liquid is recommended for mixing. For example, the Pina Greens pod says “pairs best with cold water” and the Matcha Latte pod says “pairs best with oat milk”. I love anything that takes the guesswork out of making something perfect.

Vejo review - personal pod blender for smoothies - orange blender

As for the Vejo smoothies themselves, they’re so incredibly smooth and rich. In my opinion, the consistency is more like a cold pressed juice than a smoothie. Plus, the pods are shelf stable and won’t take up fridge or freezer space. In fact, that’s part of their magic. Vejo smoothies are made with fresh ingredients that are picked at peak ripeness and freeze-dried within hours to preserve taste and nutritional value. Because the fruits and veggies are freeze dried, you get all of the nutrition and flavor benefits of a smoothie in the consistency of a juice.

Honestly, I expected Pina Greens or Pina Strawberry to be my favorite flavor. But Banana Almond was a surprise hit. What makes Banana Almond so great? It’s a protein shake with no dairy, soy, or legumes. That’s right! A vegan protein drink with NO pea-protein! Finally! Do you have any idea how hard that is to find? Well, to find one that tastes good anyway? And this one tastes like banana bread batter. Yum.

Vejo review - personal pod blender for smoothies - orange blender, iced matcha latte, purple book

The Vejo starter kit contains one blender and eight pods and is $130. You can also purchase additional pods in either 8 or 30 packs. Plus, they have a subscription service where you can receive your additional pods every month at a discount! Although the price is a bit high, when you break down the cost of the smoothie pods, they are only $4 a piece. Which is less than the cost of a smoothie or cold pressed juice. Of course if you purchase a 30 pack or a monthly subscription the cost does go down a bit. (My blender and pods were gifted in exchange for this honest Vejo review.)

Although I throughly enjoyed the Vejo smoothie system, my one piece of advice is to pour your smoothie into a cup with a couple of ice cubes. Even using the coldest of water straight from my fridge, the smoothies didn’t quite have that cold fresh crisp bite you expect from a smoothie. Of course if you want to stick with the eco friendly and sustainable vibe, you should use a reusable cup. And definitely use a straw. It makes it a lot easier to drink the smoothie through the ice. (These easy to wash reusable straws from Amazon are one of my favorite things ever.) Oh. And the smoothie servings may look small after blending. But they’re actually the perfect size. And they’re all under 100 calories. Vejo really knows what they’re doing.

Vejo review - personal pod blender for smoothies - girl holding orange blender

If you’re like me and really love a great deal, you can use code TIFFANY8PACK for a free 8 pack of blends with the purchase of a starter kit! (Just add a starter kit and 8 pack of your choice to your cart to use the code.)

Overall Ranking (out of 5) –
Vejo Smoothie Personal Pod Blender – 4.3 –
I love everything about this blender. Except the cost and the inability to make your smoothie colder. The selection and flavors are awesome. There are so many Whole30, allergen friendly, and paleo options. I really want to give this a 4.5+. But it’s very expensive. And for the cost, I wish I could toss an ice cube or two in and blend it with the smoothie.


*I received the Vejo blender and pods complimentary in exchange for this honest Vejo review. As always, all thoughts, experiences, and opinions are my own.*

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