They say “If the shoe fits, buy it in every color.” Of course not being big on moderation, I may have taken this one a bit too far. Now, it’s not exactly cost effective or practical to constantly be buying designer shoes. So I always look for the best mid-range shoes. In my opinion, cheap shoes just aren’t worth it. They always fall apart and/or hurt your feet. I would rather pay a little more money for a nicer pair of shoes that will last years and not make my feet hurt to the point of crying. About a year and a half ago, I encountered my current everyday shoe obsession – Sam Edelman Hazel Pump.

As expected, the first pair of Sam Edelman Hazel shoes I bought were hot pink (shown above). Honestly, at first I wasn’t sure how often I would wear them because they were suede. However, after the first wear, I knew I was in love. They are a great height, super sturdy, and very comfortable. I even wore them the entire time I was at Sephoria last year! (You can read more about that experience here.)

In the 18 months since, I’ve purchased the exact same pair of shoes 8 more times. Now, my collection consists of hot pink, baby pink, neon pink patent, fuchsia velvet, rose gold glitter, turquoise, plum, and black. Oh! And leopard should be arriving any day!

At an average of $140 a pair, Sam Edelman Hazel Pumps aren’t necessarily the least expensive pair of shoes you’ll ever buy. However, in my opinion, they’re totally worth it. Plus, there are a lot of times you can find them on sale. I think the only pairs I have ever paid full price for are the black and the rose gold glitter – colors I absolutely had to have and couldn’t risk selling out. But, you’re in luck! The team at Sam Edelman sent me a promo code to give you 15% off any purchase! Use the code FRIEND15DDHEIEVP at checkout.

Sam Edelman not only has the amazing Hazel pump, but they also have great flats (I have two pairs of the Felicia flats), sandals, and all sorts of other amazing stylish shoes. So even if you’re not a “high heel” person, you’re still to find something you love. And get 15% off!

This is not an ad/partner/sponsored post. I just really love these shoes and wanted to share the love. And the promo code!


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