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A few years ago, I heard that everything that can be invented has already been invented and that anything new will be a combination of existing things. Ok, I’ll admit, this isn’t the most accurate thing I’ve ever quoted – as I don’t have any sources or any other memory aside from that one takeaway… However, it does sound legit. In fact, that’s exactly what we’re seeing in the beauty world. There are only so many ways and shades to make eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundations, etc. So now it’s all about who can create innovative versions to make our lives easier and better. Of course Fenty Beauty is known for being creative and innovative, and the new Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows don’t disappoint.

Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows

Honestly, the concept is super cool. To explain, there are eight palettes with six eyeshadow shades in each palette. Each palette costs $25. However, if you buy them in sets of two, you get a $5 discount (2 for $45). Significantly, the coolest part about these Snap Shadows is that the packaging actually snaps together to create little palette stacks. Plus, even though you’re stacking your palettes, they snap back to back, so you don’t lose any function or mirror space.

Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows

Although I love the snapping capabilities, the coolest thing about these little palettes are the color selection. In my opinion, Fenty did an amazing job of curating the color stories in each of the eight palettes. For example, there is a True Neutrals (1), a Cool Neutrals (2), and a Deep Neutrals (3), which means that just about anyone can have half their Snap Shadows Stack be the perfect set of neutrals for their skin tone. Not only that, but the other five color stories are all perfect accents.

Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows Swatches True Neutrals, Cool Neutrals, Deep Neutrals, Rose
Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows Swatches Peach, Smoky, Cadet, Pastel Frost

With that in mind, you can create a Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows stack that is perfect for your exact skin and preferences. For my shadow stack I chose Cool Neutrals (2) and Pastel Frost (8). With those shades, I am able to go from day to night and from spring, to summer, to winter, to fall. All with one little palette set! Although I have to admit, it took me longer than I had imagined to decide between the Pastel Frost (8), Smoky (6), and Rose (4) palettes. Each one had shades I absolutely loved. Ultimately, Pastel Frost won my heart.

Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows Cool Neutrals

Now for my thoughts on the shadows themselves. Each shade swatched nicely and had amazing color payoff. However, the matte shades did swatch a little sketchy. In fact, they kind of apply the same way. So I definitely advise you to start slowly and really build up these shadows instead of really piling it on up front. You will get them to blend and wear very nicely if you’re not too aggressive. Although I have to admit the purple satin shade in the Cool Tones (2) palette applied extremely nicely with a brush and I was very impressed.

Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows Cool Neutrals 2

No matter what you’re in the mood for – neutrals, smoky, a splash of color, or a frost of pastel, you’re sure to find something you love in these Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows. The packaging is sturdy and they are super travel friendly. But most of all I love how custom and personal they are. Not only do I love products that are innovative, easy, and help us look and feel our best, but I also love products that feel custom and personal to each person. After all, makeup is here to help you feel more confident and a “better” version of yourself. So we might as well have some fun with it.

Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows 9 Wine and 10 Money, new Burgundy and green for fall.

**Update!** There are two new Fenty Beauty Snap Shadow Shades right around the corner. The new additions: 9 – Wine (a gorgeous mix of burgundy and neutral) and 10 – Money (a lovely mix of warm greens), will launch on August 13. They will be available at both Sephora and the Fenty Website.

Overall Ranking (out of 5) –
Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows – 4.5 –
I love the concept and the shade selection. However, the mattes were a bit patchy.


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