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I get a lot of questions about clean beauty. In fact, clean beauty might just be one of the hottest topics in the beauty world right now. But not all clean beauty brands are made equal. Plus, historically, clean brands aren’t always the best performers when it comes to pigmentation and quality. However, like self tanner, clean beauty has come a long way in the past couple of years. And one of the sassiest clean makeup brands is definitely making waves. The new Lawless Make Me Blush might just make you change the way you think about clean beauty.

Lawless Make Me Blush Soft Nectar Review

Lawless Make Me Blush Talc-Free Velvet Blush is $29 and comes in 7 shades. In fact, one of the coolest things about this clean blush is that it comes in two different finishes – matte and radiant. Which is awesome for people like me who don’t like sparkly blushes. Of course, it’s equally awesome for those who do like sparkly blushes! I got the shade Soft Nectar because it is the matte shade closest to the bright pink flush of blush that I love. I think the shade Sakura would have been a better match, but it’s a shimmer shade. However, I’m also loving the shades Desert Rose and Vintage Love too.

Lawless Make Me Blush Soft Nectar Review

Now let’s talk packaging. This classic black packaging is nothing short of gorgeous. It’s sturdy, substantial, and feels luxurious. Not only that, but the pan size is great. In fact, my two go-to blushes are Nars and Bobbi Brown. And the Lawless Make Me Blush Talc-Free Velvet Blush contains more product than either of those two blushes for the same cost. (Or less!) And I love that the mirror is the entire size of the compact. It’s stunning.

 Lawless Make Me Blush Soft Nectar Swatch and Review

As for the formula, I think I’m in shock. The Lawless Make Me Blush is so soft, smooth, and crazy pigmented. With most blushes, I feel like you sometimes need to add a bit more at application because it will inevitably fade quickly. However, this bush is pigmented, long wearing, and lovely – honestly I was completely shocked. I did not expect a clean blush to be so pigmented and such great quality! I’m so excited about this blush. I really hope more clean beauty products are this level of quality in the future. In fact, I want to see eyeshadows in this formula. And bronzer. I want ALL the things! Especially if they’re this good.

Lawless Make Me Blush Soft Nectar Review

Overall Ranking (out of 5) –
Lawless Make Me Blush – 5 –
This blush is awesome. It’s velvety soft, super pigmented, has awesome packaging, and is “clean AF”. I love that it comes in two finishes. Although it’s expensive, it contains a lot of product. Overall, it’s a great find.


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