I travel a lot for work. I love traveling and I love hotels. But I also love having my favorite things while I’m out on the road. As a notorious over-packer, I’ve turned packing into an art form. I do everything I can to organize the chaos. One of the girls on my team calls me “The Littlest Pack Mule”. My girls laugh so hard at me as I walk through the airport with my backpack and little cooler and my 4 inch heels. I’ve even had people sitting next to me wonder how my backpack and I were going to fit in the airplane seat! But, like I said, I have this down to an art. There is a method to my madness. Don’t believe me? I’ll share my secrets. Here’s what I pack in my travel bag…

Travel Bag 01

I used to be a nervous flyer. Plus, there was no way I was sleeping in public. So I started bringing crafts on the plane. They help me focus and are almost like meditation. Once, I took several skeins of yarn with me on a flight to Portland, OR, because I was starting a blanket. I probably wouldn’t do that again. Or at least, I would make sure I was in the early stages. The blanket I’m making now would take it’s own suitcase to bring with me! However, a nice scarf is easy to do on a plane. Lately, I’ve been bringing cross stitch projects. They are easy to work on and take up very little space.

Travel Bag 02

The most important things I bring with me are wipes. Lots of different kinds of wipes. And hand sanitizer. I use disinfecting wipes on the tray table and arm rests, and the stain remover wipes when I inevitably spill coffee on myself. I also found these great screen cleaning wipes to keep my phone clean! The hand sanitizer is pretty self explanatory.

Travel Bag 03

The second most important things are beauty products. What? You expected something more practical? Never! I love my trusty Beautyblender Blotterazzi to touch up my makeup before getting off the plane. Airplane air is notoriously drying, so I also bring eye drops and hand lotion. My beloved Vaseline has a permanent place in my travel bag as well, but a great alternative is this amazing Aerin Rose Lip Conditioner. I also bring perfume, but please be considerate of your fellow travelers and wait until AFTER you deplane to spritz!

Travel Bag 04

The newest addition to my travel bag essentials are my TorturedSoles anti-slip pads**. These little guys really save my feet as I’m running through airports and trying to keep track of my crew. You never know how shoes are going to handle tough situations until it’s too late. So I like keeping these in my bag just in case I misjudge a new pair of shoes. I actually cut each anti-slip pad into smaller pieces, as my feet are small and the full pad was too large. On the plus side, that means more uses! Yay!

The other essentials in my travel bag are an empty water bottle (you can fill it with water for free it after you go through security!), a scarf/wrap, and my pillow-blanket. It’s a blanket that folds up into a pillow. I generally use it as a pillow, but it’s nice to have the blanket, just in case. I get so cold on planes it’s crazy. Once, I was on a flight home from Wisconsin and I swear we flew through the North Pole, it got so cold. Don’t ask me how that’s possible. It’s the only explanation.

Travel Bag 05

Lastly, we have the emergency items – an extra hair tie, a packet of Emergen-c, Airborne drops, a bag of tea, and a mini red lipstick. Every girl has been in a situation where they needed an emergency hair tie. With all of the travel my team and I do, we do everything we can to not get sick. It’s always good to have Emergen-c and Airborne on hand. And, let’s face it… You never know when you’re going to be in a red lipstick emergency!

Safe travels!



**Tortured-Soles sent me their anti-slip pads to try. I was not required to post, review, or give feedback on their products. The opinions expressed in this post are genuine and my own.

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  1. Thanks for posting all these must have items for flying! I am 75 and have never flown before, but my grandson is having a destination wedding in 2018 that I don’t plan on missing!! Looks like I better go shopping so I will be prepared for WHATEVER!!

    1. Congratulations to you and your grandson! Good luck with your travels and I hope you have a wonderful time! 💕

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