Last week, a friend of mine asked if I recommended any super moisturizing lipsticks. The short answer is “no”. I’m a huge fan of liquid lipsticks lately and really love a good matte lip. Neither of which generally lend to a moisturizing product. However, there is a product I absolutely swear by to keep my lips soft. Vaseline. There is some by my bed, in my bathroom, in my handbag, and in my travel bag. That’s how obsessed I am.

Vaseline Hydration 02

I absolutely hate to be cold. As the weather turns colder, I check every box of things you aren’t supposed to do for your skin in the winter. Hot showers? Check! Heater on high? Check! I even have a heated mattress pad on my bed. But, I know heat zaps moisture, and moisture is essential for health, glowy skin, and anti-aging. So, instead of taking colder showers or turning the heat down, I just make sure to up my hydration.

I try to drink at least 100 oz of water a day, and I swipe a little Vaseline on my lips throughout the day, and again before bed. I also use this Vaseline intensive care lotion for hands. It keeps my hands soft and smooth and stops them from cracking when the winter chill gets all the way to the bone. However, in the case that my skin does crack, my beloved Vaseline is a great protective layer for the back of my hands too.

Vaseline Hydration 01.jpg

They say one way a woman always shows her real age is the texture of the back of her hands. It’s hard to do any kind of anti-aging treatments on your hands. For some reason, this has always stood out in my mind. I always try to do a good job of using lotion and not doing anything to age the skin on my hands. (This means sunscreen too, people!) As a bonus, this Vaseline intensive care lotion for hands says that it is supposed to help keep your nails healthy too! Soft, smooth, hydrated hands all winter AND stronger nails? Yes, please!



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