Working in fashion, sometimes I walk into a store and see something and I think “How many people thought that was a good idea?” I think about all of the processes and procedures it takes to get a product from concept to stores. Sometimes I go full seasons without buying any trend pieces because the trends are just so weird, unflattering, or impractical (I’m looking at you, peasant/boho vibes). Lucky for me, my mom is super creative and has always been there to help teach me how to make pieces my own. So, this year, when I put up my tree, instead of going with the current decor trends, I wanted to do something custom. Enter, my Glitter Christmas Ornaments DIY.

I am not going to lie, I haven’t put up my Christmas tree in about 4 years. It’s just so much effort. Without any kids in my home, it just feels kind of exhausting to put it all up for myself. Then I’d just have to take it all back down again. Plus, my mom still puts up her amazing Christmas tree because she knows it makes us kids happy. And because she’s awesome. Our family Christmas tree has just always felt more special and meaningful than having one in my house. But for some reason, this year I decided I wanted to put up my tree. I decided to go against the curve and have a more minimalist tree this year. Just some lights (pink, naturally), some bows, and some glitter christmas ornaments. Nothing crazy.

But I couldn’t have just any ornaments. They needed to be the right size, the right colors, and of course, rose gold. I bought a pack of 12 ornaments from Ikea for $2.99.

Glitter Christmas Ornaments 01

First, I laid out some paper to try to contain the glitter from infecting my house, but it didn’t totally work. Then, I used a sponge brush to Mod Podge the ornaments. Once the ornament was sufficiently painted, I poured on the glitter. It was surprisingly difficult to get the full 360 completely glittered. I ended up quite glittered too. I painted and then glittered each ornament one at a time so the Mod Podge wouldn’t dry too quickly. Next step? Let them dry!

Glitter Christmas Ornaments 02

A few of the glitter Christmas ornaments needed a second coat. I wanted to make sure they were evenly covered and you couldn’t see any of the original ornament color shining through. Once they’re dry, you’re all done!

Glitter Christmas Ornaments 03

All in all, DIY Glitter Christmas Ornaments were a fun little project and my tree looks great. My favorite part of my tree this year is the diamante Dragonfly clip I used as a tree topper in honor of my grandmother who recently passed away. This way, she can still celebrate Christmas with me. I know she would have loved these ornaments and laughed at how “Tiffany” they are.

Glitter Christmas Ornaments 04



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