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As you know from my last post, I’m trying to “Shop My Stash” lately, and review more products I already have and love instead of buying lots of new things. However, I just realized the eyeshadow palette I was going to review is discontinued. Since I already did my makeup and took photos before this realization, I had to come up with a quick backup plan. With that in mind, I inventoried the products on my face and realized I rarely talk about blush! Although I constantly use different eyeshadows and lip products, I wear the same Nars blush every single day.

Nars Blush Impassioned

First, I have a few preferences when it comes to blush that I’d like to discuss. For starters, I prefer a matte blush over a shimmer or sparkle blush. Conversely, with bronzer I’m a stickler on matte only. (Shadows don’t sparkle!) Whereas with bronzer and highlight are meant to manipulate the light and shadows on your face, blush is meant to add a little extra color, depth, and dimension. No matter which shade or brand you use, just make sure you blend blend blend!

Nars Blush Impassioned Swatch

I also like a more pink toned blush. I prefer to have a bit more of a flushed pink look and I think the blue undertones in a pink blush are more flattering on my skin. However, this Nars blush comes in 25 shades. So you’re sure to find one you like.

Nars Blush Impassioned

Now onto the Nars Blush itself. As for the packaging, it has that classic sleek black packaging that I love. It’s also compact, but contains a lot of product. Plus, the mirror is the entire size of the lid. So even if that’s the only mirror you have, it’s still a usable size. Not only is the packaging great, but the product is great as well! Nars blush comes in 25 shades, 3 formulas, and is $30 each. Although the picture on Sephora’s website for my favorite shade Impassioned is totally wrong, the swatch in the alt images is much more accurate. It is described as “pink orchid” and is classified as a Shimmer Finish. However, I have never noticed any shimmer at all.

Nars Blush Impassioned

I love my Nars Blush. Like I said, I use it every day. It’s a super light formula that can easily be used over liquid foundation, powder products, or just on its own. My favorite thing about this blush is its color. It’s the most perfect every day pink. Not too light so you can’t see any results, but not too pink or clown like. In fact, a great blush gives you just a hint of a flushed cheek. Like you just went for a run. But we all know I’m not going for a run any time soon! Pilates and practicing TikTok dances? Yes please! Go for a run? Ha!

Nars Blush Impassioned

Overall ranking (out of 5):
Nars Blush (Impassioned) – 4.5
– Not giving it a 5 since I haven’t tried or swatched all shades and formulas. But I highly recommend the shade Impassioned. The texture is super soft and pigmented. The packaging is nice and simple. And it applies and wears well.

What do you think? Do you use the same blush every day? Or do you rotate through a few options? Let me know in the comments below!


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