I don’t know about you, but I wear my heart and my emotions on my sleeve. Not only that, but I wear them on my face too. Honestly, you can tell how I’m feeling just by looking at me. My aura, energies, and vibrations change depending on how I feel. So when I am insecure about my smile, it definitely shows. For the past several years I’ve been super insecure about my lower teeth. After years of not wearing my retainers, my teeth shifted. As a result, I did Invisalign about two years ago. (You can read more about my Invisalign journey here.) Once my teeth were back to perfect, I began to notice how stained they had become! Now I am lucky enough to partner with Smile Brilliant and their at home teeth whitening system to restore newly straight teeth to bright white.

Did you know that coffee, chocolate, tea, AND red wine can all stain your teeth? Yeah. Basically all of the good things in life stain your teeth. So a great at home tooth whitening system like Smile Brilliant is a great addition to your beauty routine. Plus, knowing you have that bright white smile is such a big self confidence boost. After all, they say you’re never fully dressed without a smile!

Honestly, the coolest thing about Smile Brilliant is that you do everything from your house. First, I received the full kit in the mail. It includes two trays to make your impressions and three containers each of the catalyst and base mixes that you will use to create your impressions. Of course, the kit also includes the teeth whitening gel and the desensitizing gel. Once you receive your kit, you have to make your impressions. Overall the process is super easy. I even created a video to help guide you through the process!

After your trays are complete and dry, mail them back to the Smile Brilliant team and let them do all of the work. I received my finished trays quickly and the Smile Brilliant team sent a few emails so I could track the progress of my trays along the way. Which I thought was super cool. I really hate when you send something off to be made or returned or whatever, and you just never hear anything back. You can only check the tracking so many times before you go crazy!

Once you have your trays back from the lab, it’s time for the fun part! First of all, I want to talk about the trays themselves. They are made of a clear, light, flexible material. But they are sturdy and still kind of “snapped on” to my teeth. Which was unexpected but awesome. Furthermore, they are not full trays that go all of the way to your very back teeth. Just the first 2/3-3/4 of your teeth. Which makes them so comfortable to wear. Plus, there’s no need to whiten your back teeth anyway. Overall, they are fantastic quality and exactly what you would expect from a dentist. But you do it all from home!

Per the Smile Brilliant instructions, I brushed my teeth with water, put a small amount of the whitening gel in the trays, and hung out and watched TV for an hour. Then I brushed my teeth, used the desensitizing gel, and once I was done, I washed the trays so they would be ready for the next day. Although I followed all of the directions through the process, I had a hard time whitening my teeth before bed. For me, it was a lot easier to whiten in the afternoon. Plus, 1 hour seemed to be the ideal length of time for me and my teeth. Any longer than 1.5 hours and my teeth would get a bit sensitive. (If your teeth get sensitive, you can try to whiten for shorter lengths of time or take a day or two off in-between treatments.)

Honestly, I love this Smile Brilliant at home teeth whitening system so much. I got the same incredible results that I would expect from a dentist tooth whitening system, but I did it all from home! My teeth look smoother, brighter, and more even. Overall, I didn’t have much sensitivity and I loved that I could do every step at my own convenience.

Plus, the Smile Brilliant team is awesome and they are letting me do a giveaway so one of you can win your own Smile Brilliant at home teeth whitening system ($249 value)! Click here to enter the giveaway. All you have to do is enter your first name and your email address. If you don’t want to enter the giveaway, you can use code alwaysinhighheels15 for 15% off!

What do you think? Do you whiten your teeth? Would you use an at home teeth whitening system like Smile Brilliant? Let me know in the comments below.


**Thank you to Smile Brilliant for sponsoring today’s post. I was gifted the whitening system, and one lucky giveaway winner will be gifted their own Smile Brilliant whitening system.**

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