I am always late. Always. If I’m ever early, it’s an accident. In fact, I’m pretty sure my family tells me a different time to show up to events than they tell everyone else. Sometimes my makeup takes too long. Other times I just get distracted. But usually I just blame Mila. Although I’m not one to skimp on my beauty or skincare routines, my hair usually ends up being sacrificed. Luckily, my hair is pretty plain and straight, so I can get away with not doing anything to it. However, sometimes I just wish I could do something super simple that looks like I put in maximum effort. My current favorite way to look put together in a hurry is to style a braid headband. Combining a super hot trend with time saving ease? Yes please!

Of course a statement braid is one of the hottest hair trends right now. However, unless you have an absolute ton of super long, super thick hair, it’s nearly impossible to create a headband braid out of your own hair. For those of you who thought everyone wearing braided headbands were actually wearing braids of their own hair, I’m sorry for killing your dream. But in reality, it’s so much easier to attain than you ever thought! There are so many different ways to add a fake braid. You could get extensions. Or pin in a braid. But easiest way is to get a braid headband like mine from Madison Braids.

Madison Braids come in 10 styles and 14 shades. The Madison Braids team sent me the Lulu braid in Brunette and the Halo braid in Ashy Light Brown. Whereas Brunette is a perfect match for my hair, Ashy Light Brown has a bit more texture and highlights, making it perfect for summer or an updo. Although my Lulu braid color matches my hair better, I am totally obsessed with the shape and texture of the Halo braid and might have to get it in Brunette too. Likewise if you can’t figure out which shade you should buy, you can send a picture of your hair to the Madison Braids team and they will help you find the correct shade. Plus there are even gray and highlighted shades, so you’re sure to find the right one for you.

My favorite thing about this trend is how easy it is to style a braid headband. In fact, they are perfect for any kind of hair – long or short, thick or thin. The Madison Braids team even sent me a braid to match my mom’s hair! Not to mention we have totally different hair types and the braids look great in both of our hair. I love that my braid helps me look put together in a hurry. My mom loves that it keeps her hair out of her face without having to tuck it behind her ears. Plus, they gave me a promo code to share with you! Use code “tiffanyascensio20” for 20% off your purchase at Madison Braids.

Of course the easiest way to style a braid headband is pretty obvious. You just wear it as a headband! Whether your hair is straight or curly, it will look great either way. In fact, I love to pull and loosen a bit of the hair around my face/top of my head just a touch to give the illusion that my hair is actually braided (like in the picture above).

A more “Pinterest”-y way to style a braid headband is to curl your hair, add a little volume at the crown of your head, put on your headband, and then pull a few strands of hair out to frame the front of your face. Although, the braid can sometimes slide around a bit, so you might need to pin it in place with a few bobby pins.

My favorite way to style a braid headband is with a fun updo. Plus, this hairstyle is absolutely perfect for the upcoming Holiday season. First, do your hair in the “Pinterest”-y style above. Next, start pinning your curls up into an updo around the back of your headband / the base of your neck. Keep pinning until all of your hair is up. Make sure you cover the back of your headband to make it look like your braid is au natural.

What do you think? Would you ever wear a braid headband? Which style is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


**Thank you Madison Braids for gifting both me and my mom these incredible headbands! Although the braids were gifted, all thoughts and opinions are my own.**

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