As a beauty blogger, I try a LOT of makeup. Whenever I try new things, I inevitably compare the new stuff to my all time favorites to see where they stand. I think that’s a natural instinct. With that being said, I’ve become super picky in the products that I will endorse, and even more picky in the products I use every day. So when I heard Tati Westbrook (@GlamLifeGuru and one of the OG Beauty YouTubers) was creating her own makeup line, my curiosity was piqued. Notably, how good would a product have to be coming from someone called the GlamLifeGuru? She’s tried thousands of products over the years and put all of that research into her first Tati Beauty palette, with even bigger plans for the future.

First of all, I want to mention the branding of Tati Beauty. As you already know, I’m a huge fan of great packaging. And Tati didn’t disappoint. One of my favorite things about Tati Beauty is that their messaging combines two of my favorite things – makeup and books. The PR kit for this first launch was in the shape of a coffee table book. Complete with Vol 1 printed on the spine. Honestly, I wanted one SO bad. Not just because getting PR is awesome, but mostly because I wanted to display the coffee table book.

In fact, the main theme around Tati Beauty is “telling your story”. Including the slogan “Beautiful is your story to tell”. Plus, the Tati Beauty website includes the following quote: “Beauty is a deeply personal story and you are the author. Share yours, whether it be soft, loud, glittery or smooth. xo’s Tati”. The story theme even winds through the shade names in the palette itself – Memory, Ritual, Story, Soothe, Aura, and Poet.

With six shades in four finishes, the Textured Neutrals palette is the perfect first palette in this series. Ranging from black to nude to burgundy/pink, the Textured Neutrals palette is a “one stop shop” kind of product. I’m a huge fan of palettes that are versatile and have a great range. And this one is all of the above. In fact, if you took away all of my other eyeshadows and left me just this one palette, I would be perfectly content. Ok fine, maybe I’d want at least one blue and maybe a green. But you know what I mean.

In general, I am obsessed with both the layout and the color story in this palette. For one thing, I love that each shade has four different textures – a matte, a sequin, a metallic, and a glitter. But I really love the way the palette is laid out. It’s so clean and organized and easy to navigate. Plus it is so self explanatory and user friendly for the most novice of beauty lovers. At first I thought for sure the glitter shades would be my favorite row. However, the sequin formula completely stole my heart. There’s just something about these buttery beauties filled with secret sparkle that mesmerizes me. But I also have to give major props to the metallic shades as well. They are super nice and even blend really well. Which can’t always be said for metallic shadows.

Of course for my look, I had to focus on the burgundy/pink row – Poet. First, I used Matte Soothe in my crease. Next, I used Matte Poet in my outer crease, followed by Sequin Poet on the outer half of my lid. Then I lightly packed Sequin Aura into the inner half of my lid and blended Sequin Poet and Sequin Aura together. Last, I tapped a bit of Metallic Aura and Metallic Poet onto the center of my lid and blended them together to add a touch of highlight, depth, and shimmer. Although I loved all of the formulas, I do suggest you build up the matte shades instead of going all in at once. I noticed they do skip a bit if you have too much on your brush. So just make sure to go in lightly, tap off any excess, and build to your desired shade.

Tati Beauty Palette Review

Overall, I think Tati hit a home run with her first Tati Beauty Palette. Textured Neutrals is the perfect addition to anyone’s makeup collection. This palette is so universal and so versatile and perfect for any occasion. From the office to girls night to date night to holiday events, the Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals palette is here to help you tell your story. The only question is… What will yours say?


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