I’ve really gotten into podcasts lately. There’s just something about them that I find super addicting. Of course, it’s basically the audio version of binge watching something on Netflix, so it’s not surprising that I enjoy them! Plus, there are some really great podcasts out there. Ranging from self help to educational to true crime, great podcasts can be motivating, invigorating, or even soothing.

Ever since our office moved into a new building, I have found them to be comforting. We have an open floor plan, so there are no walls or offices or anything. Because of this, you hear anything and everything that goes on throughout the day. I have come to rely on my favorite podcasts to keep me focused and in the zone.


One thing I have discovered is that listening to something (like great podcasts or music) while I work helps drown out some of my anxiety. Especially when I’m not in complete silence. Instead of hearing my voice in my head, or the voices of those around me, the voices of my favorite podcasts help get me to not get overwhelmed.

Great Podcasts The West Wing Weekly

The West Wing Weekly

This was the first podcast I ever listened to. And like a first love, The West Wing Weekly will always be my favorite podcast. In this podcast, Joshua Molina and Hrishikesh Hirway discuss the cultural icon that is The West Wing episode by episode, week by week. Hence the name – The West Wing Weekly. Notably, they have guests each week that are either Subject Matter Experts or the stars of the show to discuss each episode. The West Wing was so important to my formative years that I created my senior college thesis about its impact. So having the opportunity to relive my favorite moments week by week makes me so happy. One of the best things about binging this series is that there are so many episodes. Although I actually got super sad when I finally got caught up and now have to now listen week by week.

Great Podcasts The Influencer Podcast


The Influencer Podcast

As the most motivational podcast on this list, The Influencer Podcast is probably my favorite to listen to at work. Julie Solomon is a New York Times best selling publicist who has built an empire dedicated to helping us bloggers succeed. I actually find myself writing down quotes or thoughts or phrases that inspire me. I have these notes pinned to my inspiration board to remind and motivate me. The only thing I don’t like is that she can be a bit too “salesy” in her intros and commercials about her other courses and products. However, I just try to fast forward or tune them out. Her experience, insights, and motivation are totally worth it.

Great Podcasts Up And Vanished


Serial and Up And Vanished

Serial and Up And Vanished are both great podcasts. They are both very similar and are both true crime series. I started with Serial and then added Up And Vanished to my queue when I ran out of episodes. Both have hosts with very soothing voices and they remind me a lot of shows like “Snapped”. A calming yet intense host out to explain and solve a mysterious crime. These podcasts are also great for water cooler discussions, as there are always so many twists and turns and questions. Which can be very fun if you get a few of your coworkers listening too.


Do you have any podcasts that you love and would like to recommend? Comment below!


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