Throughout my life I’ve always been a bit of a loner. I would rather stay home and read a book than go out on the town any night. Luckily, my friends and family get me and understand my homebody tendencies. However, starting Always In High Heels has challenged my status quo and helped me become a more outgoing and “put myself out there” kind of gal. Enter my next challenge – the 2019 Sephora Squad Applicant.


Throughout the last year and a half with Always In High Heels, I have learned to let people in. In fact I have truly enjoyed sharing my stories, experiences, thoughts, and life with you. It has taken my little world past just my couch to reaching all corners of the globe. Each post brings me new challenges and growth. I have learned that it is important to let people in and that no one can live life on their own. As my friends, you have taught me so much and been an endless source of inspiration. You have truly become my blog family and I appreciate you so very much.

Sephoria Huda Beauty

Which is why today I am asking for your help. I am officially a 2019 Sephora Squad Applicant and the judges have asked for testimonials to strengthen my application and show the impact I have had on you guys – my blog family.

This year, Sephora is creating the first ever Sephora Squad. A group of influencers with unique voices and perspectives on beauty. As a member of the Sephora Squad, I would be privy to new product launches, professional coaching, networking events, and overall more opportunities to create amazing content for you guys (which of course is the part I love most!).

Sephora Squad Testimonial

So I am asking you to take a minute out of your crazy busy lives to support me and my little dream by writing and submitting a short testimonial sharing why you enjoy Always In High Heels and what makes you keep coming back to read more.

Hopefully mid-March I’ll have some exciting news and will be asking for another favor – your VOTE! Thank you in advance for your love and support. You guys mean the world to me!


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