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How To Get The Perfect Summer Glow

Summer is my favorite season. In fact, that sentiment applies to both the weather, and the trends. I love a great summer dress. And summer makeup is so easy. Everything feels more stripped down and simple. Although I’m all for faking a sun kissed look, I’m a big sunscreen advocate and advise you to wear …

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Holiday Party Dress Inspo – 4 Ways To Style A Plain Dress

Although I’m not a “party person”, I’m a big fan of getting ready for parties. I love to put on a great play list and dance around while curling my hair and doing my makeup. In fact, my friends tease that I spend more time getting ready for an event than I actually spend AT …

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Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale – How to Shop Like a #BOSSBABE

Twice a year, Lilly Pulitzer throws one of the biggest online shopping experiences parties I’ve ever known. The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale isn’t so much a sale as it is a full on event. I say “online” because although the sale also happens in stores, the online part is just too insane to believe. …