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Should You Be Using A Facial Steamer?

Along with all of the other “maintenance” doctor’s appointments everyone is supposed to do each year (OBGYN, Physical, Eye Dr, Dentist…), I also see a dermatologist. Although I am super lucky when it comes to my skin – just hormonal breakouts and some early signs of aging – I go for an annual skin check …

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Easy Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

It’s officially hot outside. Like “can’t go on a walk because it might hurt Mila’s feet” hot. Although the little puppy apple didn’t fall far from this particular tree, Mila loves nothing more than being outside. With that being said, we still spend a lot of days with the patio door open so she can …

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How To Layer Skincare Products

Layers are important. In your hair, in your clothing, in your relationships… Layers help you optimize. With winter right around the corner, layering your clothing can keep you warm as the morning lows keep dropping. Just like how it is important to bundle up before you go outside, it is also necessary to layer skincare …