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To be honest, it’s been a long time since I’ve been excited about a makeup launch. In fact, almost everything I bought (and emptied) in the last two years was skincare. I even skipped several of my beloved PMG launches because I just didn’t feel *that spark*. But not this one! From the second I saw the new PAT McGRATH Labs Divine Blush Duo, it immediately jumped to the top of my must have list.

Photo Credit: Pat McGrath Labs

The new PMG blush duos come in six different shades and are $44 each. They are currently available on the PAT McGRATH Labs website and will launch at Sephora on June 17th. However, Venusian Sunrise is a exclusive and will not be available at Sephora. These unique duo toned blushes are a mix of demi-matte and pearl shades that can be customed to suit any look.

What’s so special about the new PMG blush duos?

So the cool thing about these new blush duos is that they’re actually 3 shades in one! Of course you can use each side on its own, or you can swirl them together to make a third shade. When I first saw these, I instantly fell in love with the shade Venusian Sunrise because it reminded me of this stunning blush I have from Hourglass that is a pink with a lavender shift. Although that sounds like it could be weird, it’s absolutely gorgeous and glowy on the skin. In fact, these Hourglass blushes are what convinced me two tone blushes and blushes with a slight luminance are where it’s at. Otherwise, I probably would have skipped these PMG blush duos because they’re not matte.

Photo Credit: PAT McGRATH Labs

Which leads me to the next thing that makes these blushes so special. They’re a mix of pearl and demi-matte shades. Which means they will add a subtle glow to your skin without adding a lot of glitter. And in my mid-30’s, I try to stay away from adding any glitter to my skin. Not only because it’s not that great for the environment (or your skin), but it can make your skin look older and enhance any fine lines and wrinkles. On the flip side, adding a little glow and luminosity can help you look younger and more hydrated. And we all know we could use a little more hydration and a little less coffee.

What are the PAT McGRATH Labs Divine Blush Duo shades?

Aphrodite Amour – Soft coral rose with moonlit pearl (pink coral demi-matte/pale pink peach with pearl)
Venusian Sunrise – Soft cool pink demi-matte
Divine Rose II – Vivid coral rose with glowing pink pearl (soft coral peach demi-matte/pale pink peach with pearl)
Cosmic Coral – Neutral coral demi-matte (pale sienna demi-matte/fresh orange demi-matte)
Paradise Glow – Bronzed sienna with golden pearl (bronze rose with pearl/terracotta demi-matte)
Night Bloom – Amaranth red demi-matte (violet merlot demi-matte/blue red demi/matte)

Photo Credit: PAT McGRATH Labs

The one thing I will say about PMG swatches is that they are never correct. I’m not sure if it’s the lighting or the filters or if they’re digital, or all of the above. But I feel like they are always “off”. I just want to put that out there in case you’re a super visual person and rely heavily on brand swatches. Of course I will update this post with my actual swatches of the products I purchased as soon as I receive them to give you a better idea of how they really look.

Final thoughts on the PAT McGRATH Divine Blush Duos

I am a huge fan of the original PMG Divine Rose blush, so I’m really excited to add these duos to my collection. Not only are the colors and products great, but I feel like these duos really expand your collection without having to expand the number of products. They really are three shades in one! And if you’re a bargain hunter like me, there are three ways to save on these blushes.

  1. If you can’t decide between two shades, just get both! You can order each blush separately for $88 total or order the customizable Blush Duo Set for $80! (Although blush duo duo would have been a much better name.)
  2. If you want one of the new blush duos and one of the new highlighters, order the customizable blush duo and glow set for $88.
  3. If you want one of the new blush duos and a brand new blush brush to go with it, order the blush duo and brush set for $77.

I ordered the brush and blush duo and the brush and highlighter duo because I couldn’t decide between Venusian Sunrise and Aphrodite Amour. And I’m equally excited about the new highlighters too. FINALLY PMG launched a highlighter in 4 different shades. Cue Lizzo: “It’s about damn time!”

Although I’ve been in a makeup rut lately, I feel like these blushes and the new highlighter are exactly what I need to really up my game and get back out there this summer. And I think makeup brands are starting to feel that new energy too.

What do you think? Is the PAT McGRATH Labs Divine Blush Duo on your shopping list? Let me know in the comments what upcoming launch you’re most excited for. I love hearing what you have to say.


Shop the new PAT McGRATH Labs Divine Blush Duo:

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