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Cream blush is seriously having a moment right now. Although “no makeup” makeup always makes a big play during the spring and summer months, it’s out in full force this year. Which is no surprise after everything we’ve all been through this past year and the fact that most of us don’t wear as much makeup anymore anyway. About two years ago, there was a wave of cream bronzers hitting the market. In fact, cream bronzers are still some of my most popular reviews. (If you want to know which cream bronzer is best for you, you should check out my Cream Bronzer Battle.)

Out of all of the cream bronzers I tried, one of my favorites was the Tarte SEA Breezy Cream Bronzer. (You can read the full review here.) With that in mind, I’m super excited to talk about their latest launch – the new Tarte SEA Breezy Cream Blush!

Tarte SEA Breezy Cream Blush and blusher brush - Pinky Sky - soft pink
Peach Sunset - peachy pink
Berry Bliss - berry
Photo credit: Tarte Cosmetics

The new Tarte SEA Breezy Cream Blush is $27 and is available in three shades. All three shades are available at both Sephora and the Tarte website. Not only that, but there’s a new brush too! The Tarte SEA Breezy Blusher Brush ($27). (But right now it’s only available at One of the things that make this cream blush so special is that it is a “Clean at Sephora” product. It is also a long wearing, vegan, hydrating cream formula with a natural finish. To be sure, the Tarte SEA line is one of my absolute favorites and I have yet to come across a Tarte SEA product that doesn’t perform spectacularly. Plus, the price points are pretty good too.

Tarte SEA Breezy Cream Blush Shades:

Pinky Sky – soft pink
Peach Sunset – peachy pink
Berry Bliss – berry

I ordered the cream blush in the shade Pinky Sky. Honestly, I was torn between that and Peach Sunset, because Peach Sunset seemed like it might have more “pop”, but I much prefer a pink blush on my skin tone. So, we will see. I’m also just now realizing that I accidentally ordered the Hydrocealer Concealer Brush instead of the Blusher Brush. Oops. Now I need to go place another order. Of course, as soon as I receive these products, I’ll update this review to add some information on my thoughts and experiences!

Tarte SEA Breezy Cream Blush swatches - Pinky Sky - soft pink
Peach Sunset - peachy pink
Berry Bliss - berry

First let’s talk shade range. The original cream bronzer came in three shades, so it doesn’t really surprise me that this new cream blush comes in three shades as well. However, I wish it came in at least 5. I just don’t think these three give a full range of all skin tones and colors. There needs to be a brighter one – maybe a hot pink? – and another darker one. At least. To be sure, I think these shades will be super pretty for “no makeup” makeup looks, but sometimes you just need a bit of added color to give your face a bit more life. Especially on certain skin tones.

As for the packaging, it is the same as the cream bronzer packaging. But at only 5g of product, it is less than 1/3 of the size of the cream bronzer, which has 16g of product. Which makes this pretty tiny. However, 5g of product is pretty standard for prestige cream pan size. For example, Rare Beauty contains 5g (full review here) and Fenty Beauty contains 3g (full review here). Usually, I like when compact products have mirrors. However, when they’re this small, sometimes the mirror just feels silly.

Photo credit: Tarte Cosmetics

Also, I saw the photo above that compares a full size and a travel size. According to the Tarte website, the travel size cream bronzer is 6g. So I’m not quite sure what is going on in this photo. No one has a travel size cream blush available as of yet. But those colors sure look more like blush shades than a bronzer shade. However, if there’s going to be a travel size and this photo shows the 5g full size next to a travel size… How teeny is that travel size going to be?!

One thing I love about cream blushes is how easy they are to apply. Unlike powder blushes, you can use a brush, a beauty sponge, or even your fingers. However, I have yet to find a cream blush that will last all day. So I am looking forward to seeing how this one performs. As with other cream blushes, I’ll be looking to see if this is just a sheer wash of color, or if it actually has some color payoff, as well as how it does on top of other products like foundation.

Tarte SEA Breezy cream blusher brush
Photo credit: Tarte Cosmetics

Of course I can’t speak on the brush since I ordered the wrong one. However, the Cream Bronzer Brush is one of my favorites. I find myself using it with all of the other cream bronzers I’ve been testing as well. (You can read more about that brush here.) But, I like the shape of the cream blush brush and how it is tapered. That is a really great shape for applying contour as well. So it really could be a multi use brush! I really hope it’s like a mini version of the cream bronzer brush. If so, it might become my new favorite!


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