Im a signature scent kind of gal. In fact, I can probably count the different types of fragrances in my home on one hand. Maybe two. But definitely not more than that. Notably, I prefer simple, clean scents. Generally a “fancy hotel” type vibe. Last week, I was out running errands and I had felt a strong pull drawing me into Bath and Body Works to get a winter candle. Of course, it’s never easy to just walk into BBW and find that perfect scent. You have to put in a little work. So just for you, I smelled every. single. candle. With that in mind, here are my top three picks for the best Bath and Body Works Winter Candles that will make your home smell like a fancy hotel at Christmas.

Best Bath And Body Works Holiday Christmas Candle Scents - Fresh Balsam, Christmas Tree Farm, White Eucalyptus & Sage

As I previously mentioned, I am very picky with the scents in my home. Most of my scent preferences are things like “zen” and “lilac” and “cashmere”. Of course, if you’re more into food based or other scents, there are some amazing candles for you too. After all, Bath and Body Works carries tons of different fragrances. For example, Mahogany Teakwood smells amazing if you prefer a masculine cologne scent – think that classic Abercrombie smell. As for food related Bath and Body Works Winter Candles, there’s always Sugared Snickerdoodle and Peppermint Sugar Cookie. Plus Winter Candy Apple always reminds me of my mom’s house. That and mulberry scents. Except she, like me, changes things up for the holidays and always goes for more of a cinnamon and pine vibe.

Of course there’s always a lot of love for the Bath and Body Works Holiday Fragrances of Tis The Season, Flannel, and Winter. However, I sadly was not a fan. None of them really gave me the “fancy hotel Christmas” vibe I was going for. Not only that, but I REALLY didn’t like the smell of Fireside. Way too smokey for my high end hotel scent profile.

Best Bath And Body Works Holiday Christmas Candle Scents - Fresh Balsam, Christmas Tree Farm, White Eucalyptus & Sage

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for – the scents I absolutely loved! My top three picks for the best Bath & Body Works Winter Candles (that will make your house smell like a fancy hotel at Christmas) are Fresh Balsam, Tree Farm, and White Eucalyptus and Sage. Now I know you’re saying “Tiffany! Two of your three pics are tree smells!” I know, I know. I just couldn’t help myself. They actually smell quite different and I was equally drawn to both. But both have that crisp, clean scent that I just adore. I have Fresh Balsam burning in my bathroom right now and my entire home smells like I should be snuggled up by a fire in some fancy chateau in the mountains wrapped in a cozy robe. It’s just decadent.

Best Bath And Body Works Holiday Christmas Candle Scents - Fresh Balsam, Christmas Tree Farm, White Eucalyptus & Sage

As for Tree Farm, it’s slightly more “outdoorsy” smelling than Fresh Balsam and has a profile of multiple types of pine trees. More of your traditional “holiday pine” scent. And White Eucalyptus and Sage has all of my favorite fancy hotel smells mixed with a slight dash of sparkling snow. That might not make sense in writing, but trust me. That’s what it smells like. And I really love the way that most scents come in several different designs. That way you can find a scent you love and a package/design that coordinates with your decor.

Best Bath And Body Works Holiday Candle - Classic Scent - White Tea and Sage - White Barn

Of course, I can’t finish this post about amazing candles and signature scents without sharing my #1 signature scent – White Tea. When I think of that crisp, clean, fancy hotel vibe, it’s white tea all the way. And I have white tea everything. I even wear Elizabeth Arden White Tea perfume. Not only that but I have White Tea & Agave scent melts from Walmart. And White Tea & Jasmine Woodwick candles. Plus I have a stash of White Tea & Sage Bath and Body Works hand soaps from the last time they had a good sale. So of course I had to have the White Tea & Sage candle as well. When it comes to branding, I’m nothing if not consistent.

Do you have a Signature Scent or a favorite Bath and Body Works Winter Candle smell? Let me know in the comments below!

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5 Replies to “3 Best Bath & Body Works Winter Candles (in My Opinion)”

  1. I love your blog name, but I’m pretty sure I mentioned this before lol. Fireside one was to smokey for me as well which I kind of had a feeling it would be, but I thought it’d be a more cozy scent. The white sage sounds like a really good scent, I’ll have to check it out. All in all, bath and body work candles are an essential for Fall in my opinion haha. Great post. Have a beautiful day!

    1. Thank you! You are too sweet! And that’s funny because that’s exactly what I thought fireside would be too – cozy. What’s your favorite fall scent? I went in for a fall candle last year and left with 3 white tea and sage! 🤦🏻‍♀️

      1. I don’t blame you a bit. I love the herbal scents..not to sure why. I actually went to Walgreens the other night and I found a brand called “Aromatherapy” I bought their Lavender and Vanilla candle and oh my goodness. It was under $10 and smelled so soothing! My favorite candle they offer is Christmas cookie. I Love all the sweet scents.

      2. Oooh! I love anything lavender. Sounds like I need to make a Walgreens run! Thanks for the advice!

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