When I first heard about the new Natasha Denona Trichrome Palette, I had two thoughts. First was that a full palette of trichrome eyeshadows would look so cool. Second was that I would probably buy it immediately. However, now that I’ve seen photos and swatches of the new trichrome palette, I have to admit that both of my assumptions were wrong. *Before we get started, I have to acknowledge the fact that I constantly refer to this as Trichrome when in actuality, the real name is the Natasha Denona Triochrome palette. I have no idea why I do this, but I just can’t stop.*

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Natasha Denona Triochrome / Trichrome Palette Review

The new Natasha Denona Triochrome Palette is $129 and is available at both Sephora and Natasha Denona. Although it is named the “Triochrome Palette”, it is a 15 pan palette with only 3 trichrome shades. In my opinion, if you’re going to call a palette an X palette, it should be more than 20% X. Plus, after the launch of the Love palette and the Glam palette (full review here), I have been obsessing over Natasha Denona’s “mid size” palettes. I say “mid size” because they’re larger than her 5 pan and 5 pan mini palettes, but still smaller than the original Star, Metropolis, Biba, Gold, Lila, and Sunset palettes. But they’re still “full size” in comparison to most prestige palettes out there. And at $65 they’re half the cost of the $129-$169 larger palettes.

Here are the Natasha Denona Trichrome Palette shade names (L-R top row first):

Scarab – Trichrome
Kinetic – Trichrome
Color Flip – Trichrome

Natasha Denona Triochrome Palette Swatches - trichrome shades - Scarab, Kinetic, Color Flip

Natasha Denona Triochrome Palette Swatches

Natasha Denona Triochrome Palette Swatches

Upon first glance, this palette looks chaotic. To be sure, several of the shades are absolutely stunning on their own. However, when you look at it as a whole, you might be like “What the heck?”. But here’s the trick. Look at each row as an individual color story (like I did by isolating each row’s swatches in the photos above) and the whole palette immediately looks more cohesive. With that in mind, each row includes a trichrome shade with 4 complementary shades.

Natasha Denona Triochrome Palette Swatches - trichrome eyeshadow formula

Although I think that’s a great way to lay out the palette, I think Natasha Denona could have released this as three individual palettes instead of one large one. Or even include one trichrome in the next three full size palettes but with more cohesive and usable color stories. Even though you know I love my Natasha Denona mini palettes (if not, you can read my full review here), I honestly think these would have done really well as her full size 5 pan palettes. To be sure, I would definitely buy the middle row as a palette. Maybe even the bottom row (minus the orange).

YouTube Video Review

Want to know more and see these swatches in action? Not only that, but I compare the trichrome formula in this palette to the trichrome shade from the Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VIII Divine Rose II palette and the Natasha Denona Multichrome liquid shadows too! Check out my full YouTube video review for all that and more.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to this particular Natasha Denona Trichrome palette, I am not sure it’s worth it. Honestly, I would never use over half the shades in this palette. I’m obsessed with trichrome formulas. I love, love, love the one in the Pat McGrath Labs Divine Rose II palette (full review and photos here) and I even love the Natasha Denona Chromium Multichrome Liquid Eyeshadows (you can get them at Sephora.) Between the PMG palette and the ND liquid eyeshadows, I don’t know that this is the best version of this palette. To be sure if you want the trichrome look without the Trichrome Palette cost, check out the Chromium Multichrome Liquid Eyeshadows. I have the shades Dragonfly and Ultraviolet and they’re absolutely stunning, super similar to the colors in this palette, and super easy to use. And way less than $129.

Natasha Denona Triochrome Palette eyeshadow look - green shades, scarab.

Overall Ranking (out of 5) –
Natasha Denona Triochrome Palette – 2.5 –
Too expensive, not enough Triochrome. First of all, this palette is insanely expensive. Second, there are not enough neutral or every day shades to make this a super usable palette. Third, there are not enough trichrome shades to make it a real talking point for this palette. However, the shades are good quality and the palette is a good size. So if these shades are perfect for you and you really want them, go for it. But if you’re limited in budget, space, or the ability to wear super colorful makeup every day, I’d skip it. To be sure, if you just really want something trichrome, pick up the ND multi chrome shadows. They’re way less expensive and much more worth it.


All photos are credited to Natasha Denona. All edits are by me.

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