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*Updated October 20, 2020 to reflect the Nordstrom, Macys, and Dillards exclusives.*

Growing up, moving from drugstore makeup to MAC Cosmetics felt like a right of passage. Then, after I graduated college, one of my best friends was a MAC Makeup Artist. Which just solidified that MAC makeup was created by experts for experts. With that being said, MAC Holiday collections are extra special to me. Not only do you get amazing MAC products, but you also get minis and a lot of extra sparkle. Furthermore, the new MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 – Frosted Firework Collection does not disappoint.

MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 Collection

Of course full collections contain a lot of products. For this reason, I built you a little table of contents! Click the links below to jump directly to the products you want to check out.

Eye Products

Lip Products

Face and Tools

Department Store Exclusives

Overall Thoughts

Collection Overview

The MAC Frosted Firework Holiday 2020 Collection consists of 11 products full of spectacular sparkle. It is available for VIP Early Access on October 9th at 10a EST. Of course it will launch to the public at a later date. (I’ll update with an official date as soon as I know more.) If this year is like years past, the full collection will be available in stores with a select number of products available at Nordstrom and Ulta stores. In fact, this first launch of products might not even be the full collection. Sometimes the majority of the collection is launched mid-October with a few additional mini sets or lip and eye sets launching closer to the holidays.

This year, the collection theme is Frosted Firework. To be sure, the shades and names embody the sparkly warmth you’d expect from a frosted firework. In this collection you’ll find lots of whites and silvers, but a lot of reds, golds, and darker pinks as well. Of course the MAC Frosted Firework collection includes the basics like eyeshadow, lipstick, lip gloss, and the classic Mac mini sets, but this year there is a new double ended eyeliner pencil and tons of limited edition shades.

Eye Products

MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 Rocket To Fame Eyeshadow Palette swatches

Rocket to Fame Eye Shadow x 12 Palette – $39.50 ($117 value). To be sure, MAC Eyeshadows are in my top 3 eyeshadow formulas of all time. This limited edition MAC Holiday eyeshadow palette is full of stunning pinks, purples, and neutrals. In fact, I really love this color story. There are enough neutrals to create every day looks and helpful transition shades, but also enough bold and fun colors to really make your holiday looks pop.

Shades include: Disco Snowball – Cool blue with green pearl (Frost) Share My Blanket – Frosty white nude (Matte) Snow Globetrotter – Pearly bright white (Frost) Pyromancer – Reddish pink with red pearl (Frost) Sparks And Rec – White pink with pink pearl (Frost) Ride My Slay – Deep aubergine (Matte) Lit My Sparkler – Intense pink with blue pearl (Frost) Frost Smitten – Icey cool lilac (Frost) Plum Darling – Cool gunmetal with pearl (Frost) Catch My Snowdrift – Intense purple (Frost) Carbon – Matte black (Matte) Shook My Snow Globe – Glistening peachy nude (Frost).

MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 Powerpoint eye pencil dual ended eyeliner frosted firework swatches

Powerpoint Eye Pencil (Dual) / Frosted Firework – $20. The new dual ended eyeliner pencils are perfect to take your holiday looks to the next level. In fact, if you’re not feeling brave enough to create a bold eyeshadow look, using a bold, fun, or sparkly eyeliner can be just as impressive. Out of the three shade combos, I think Dark Spark/Bitter In Glitter (black and brown combo) is the most universally useful, but Zenith/Can You Chill? (gunmetal and navy combo) is the most fun. Navy eyeliner can be super flattering and silver is a lot more flattering than white.

Shades include: Zenith / Can You Chill? (gunmetal / navy blue with large particle pearl), Short Fuse / Be Cool BB (purple with multicolored pearl / bright white with pearl), Dark Spark / Bitter In Glitter (black with pearl / brown with multicolored pearl).

MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 Eyeshadow Frosted Firework swatches

Extra Dimension Foil Eye Shadow – $21. Although $21 is a lot of money for one eyeshadow, MAC formulas are almost always worth the cost. The pigmentation, color payoff, and wear are oh so great. And these limited edition shades are super fun and extra sparkly. Sparktacular and Explosive Chemistry are my favorites.

Shades include: Explosive Chemistry – pink, Firewerk The Room – red, Cooler Than Being Cool – white with multicolored pearl, Silver Bells – metallic silver, Sparktacular – sheer nude.

Lip Products

MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 Surefire Hit Mini Lipstick Vault and swatches

Surefire Hit Mini Lipstick x 12 Vault – $74.50 ($158 value). I love these mini lipstick vaults every year. To be sure, if you’re a MAC fan, you’ve already heard of most of these shades before. But that’s because the vaults are always a collection of MAC’s biggest hit. However, if you bought mini vaults in the past, you may already have some of these shades. Out of all of the shades, Mehr is my favorite.

Shades include: Vegas Volt – Vibrant pink coral (Amplified), Mocha – Peachy yellow-brown (Satin), Ruby Woo – Very matte vivid blue red (Retro Matte), Dubonnet – Deep brownish red (Amplified), Brick-O-La – Warm rose red (Amplified), Lady Danger – Vivid coral red (Matte), Rebel – Vivid reddish purple (Satin), Mehr – Dirty mauvey pink (Matte), Snob – Light dirty cool pink (Satin), Politely Pink – Dirty plum pink (Lustre), Plumful – Rose-plum (Lustre), Breathing Fire – Neon cool fuchsia (Matte).

MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 Fireworked like a charm mini lipstick kit - pink and red - swatches

Fireworked Like A Charm Mini Lipstick Kit – $29.50 ($41 value). Of course it’s not a MAC Holiday collection without some minis! This year’s mini lipstick kit comes in two varieties – red and pink. All of the shades are limited edition and each kit comes with a tinsel-esque little bag.

Shades include: Pink Kit – Snow Boundaries (Warm light pink – Lustre), Beaujolais Slay – (Cool deep pink – Matte), Igloo’dTo You (Frosty purple – Frost). Red shades – Rocket Woman (Blood red – Lustre), Boisterous (Vibrant pinky red – Matte), Burst On The Scene (Brownie pink nude – Matte).

MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 Fireworked Like A Charm Mini Lipglass Kit - pink and neutral - swatches

Fireworked Like A Charm Mini Lipglass Kit – $24.50 ($41 value). The second mini lip kit in the MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 Collection is the mini lipglass kit! Again, we have two options – pink or neutral. Each comes with a mini tinsel-esque pouch. I’m really obsessing over the pink kit. Plus I love that there is a light, medium, and deeper shade in each kit.

Shades include: Neutral shades – Frozen Mocha (Browny bronze with pink pearl), Ginger Snapped (Dirty cool rose), Toasty Inside (Brownie pink nude). Pink shades – Melt 4 U, Flashy Lady, Roll in the Chalet.

MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 Frosted Firework Lipglass and swatches

Lipglass / Frosted Firework – $19. Full size limited edition Lipglass shades with soft pink limited edition packaging.

Shades include: Snow In Love (blue pink with pearl), Break The Ice (peachy pink with pearl), Set Me Off (purple with pearl), Spark Joy (translucent white with pearl), Twinsies (pinky nude).

MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 Frosted Firework Lipstick swatches

Lipstick / Frosted Firework – $20. Full size limited edition lipstick shades in soft pink limited edition packaging.

Shades include: Heart Goes Boom (fuchsia), #Snowfilter (dark rosy pink), Once Bitten, Ice Shy (sheer white with pearl), Out With A Bang (deep rich Burgundy).

Face and Tools

MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 Flashing Ice Extra Dimension Skinfinish Trio - light and medium/deep swatches

Flashing Ice Extra Dimension Skinfinish Trio – $39.50. These highlighter palettes are so pretty. But I really love that the medium/deep palette includes a blush shade and wish the light palette would have swapped the middle shade with a blush as well.

Shades Include: Light – There She Glow (light gold), Glitzed Out (frosty white with multi-colored pearl), Out On The Tinseltown (light pink with pink and gold pearl). Medium/Deep – Gold Me Closer (warm gold), Desire Fire (medium tone bronze), Call Me Sugar Plum (cool plum).

MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 sparkler starter kit - brushes

Sparkler Starter Kit: Brushes – $49.50 ($125 value). MAC brushes are some of the best brushes I’ve ever used. In fact, some of my every day brushes are still my original MAC brushes from like a hundred years ago. Plus this pink packaging is adorable. However, these are mini/travel size brushes. So the handles are a lot shorter than a full size brush.

Brushes include: 423SES Sculpting Foundation Brush, 424SES Angled Blush/Highlighter Brush, 512SES Essential Shading Brush, 513SES Small Multi-Purpose Sculpted Brush, 514SES Bent Detail Brush.

MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 Extra Dimension Skinfinish Frosted Firework and swatches

Extra Dimension Skinfinish / Frosted Firework – $37. I think these highlighter shades are super pretty. And I love that they came out with two shades instead of one “universal” shade like a lot of other brands did this holiday season. More-so, I love that there is a cool tone and a warm tone option and not just “lighter and darker”. Plus I feel like this pan size would last a really long time.

Shades include: Flare For The Dramatic (warm golden bronze), Let It Glow (frosty white).

Department Store Exclusives

MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 Nordstrom, Macys, and Dillards Exclusives - Powder Kiss Lipstick Set, Mini Lipstick Kit, Highlighter Kit, Eyeshadow Palette

Last but not least, we have the MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Dillards exclusives. Unsurprisingly, each department store has one or two different exclusives that can’t even be purchased directly from MAC. Of course each store also has the full holiday collection. However, to get the exclusives, you’ll have to go straight to the source.

MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 Nordstrom Powder Kiss Lipstick Set

First let’s start with Nordstrom – the MAC Showstopper Powder Kiss Lipstick Set ($69.50). To be sure, this lipstick set is stunning. Although I’m a huge fan of the traditional MAC black packaging, I’m kind of obsessed with packaging that matches the color of the product. Especially when it comes to lipsticks. Honestly, I have no idea how many lip products are currently in my handbag and it would be nice to know which one I’m looking for at a quick glance. The shades in this set are: Stay Curious, Fall In Love, Werk, Werk, Werk, Devoted to Chili, Mull It Over. (Like I said, you can also shop the full collection at Nordstrom as well.)

MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 Macys mini lipstick kit

Next up, Macys – 3 piece Frosted Firework Sleigh All Day Lipstick Set ($22.50 – a $57 value). This lipstick kit includes minis of the classic favorites Velvet Teddy, Chili, and Lady Danger. Although this is the only Macy’s exclusive, you can still shop the full collection at Macys.

MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 Dillards Exclusive Highlighter and brush set

Finally, Dillards. Despite Macys and Nordstrom only having one exclusive each, Dillards has not one but two! First we have the Frosted Firework Collection Firelit Face Kit in Gold ($42.50). This set includes a gold highlighter, a large brush that looks like a blush brush/fan brush combo, and a cute little pink makeup bag. I really love this set, but I really really wish they would have made this with at least two different highlighter shades. I have yet to find one single highlighter shade that looks great on everyone.

MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 Frosted Firework Collection Grand Spectacle Eye Shadow x 25 Palette

The second Dillards exclusive is the MAC Frosted Firework Collection Grand Spectacle Eye Shadow x 25 Palette ($75). Now THIS is how you do a holiday palette, people! I am obsessed. Although I wish the mirror was a full mirror and not the little round circle. It seems like it leaves a lot of wasted space. However, these shades are incredible. It has neutrals. It has cool winter tones and fiery warm tones. And you KNOW that blue is calling my name. Don’t forget you can also shop the full collection at Dillards too!)

MAC Frosted Firework Collection Grand Spectacle Eye Shadow x 25 Palette Shades include:

Carbon – Matte black, Flurry Up – Electric metallic blue, I Like 2 Watch – Green grey with silver/green pearl, Stone Cold Fox – Metallic silver, Pretty Jazzed – Milky light pink with silver pearl, Pleasing to the Eye – Dusty beige rose, Flash Freeze – Deep navy blue with pearl, Where There’s Smoke – Charcoal grey, Cherry Topped – Fuchsia pink, Wedge – Soft muted beige taupe, Gold Front – Light sparkly yellow gold, Ready, Set, Fuego – Metallic smokey red, Dance In The Dark – Ashy dark brown, Frozen Assets – Intense bronze, I’m Into It – Dark red brown, Creative Copper – Metallic copper. Oh So Gilty – Yellow gold, Last Dance – Peach beige with pink sparkles, Nutcracker – Pink with blue pearl, Naval – Matte true navy, Swing Out – True violet, Numb And Numb-er – Baby blue with silver pearl, S’more Please – Metallic chocolate brown, Special Snowflake – Bright pearly white, Polar Opposite – Dark purple with pink pearl

Honestly, if I’m spending $75 on a holiday palette, I would buy this one over the Pat McGrath Labs $78 eighteen pan eyeshadow palette. (You can check out that palette in my PMG Holiday Preview here.) And you know how much I love Pat McGrath. But this color story is everything and MAC shadows are some of the best.

Overall Thoughts

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any MAC products. Especially when it comes to the holiday collection. However, this year, nothing’s really calling my name. I think the eyeshadow palette’s color story is super pretty. And I always love minis. But this year, there aren’t any products that make me want to get online the second the collection launches. *Now that I’ve seen the MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 exclusives, I have to change my tune on this. I would definitely buy the Dillards Exclusive 25x eyeshadow palette. It’s gorgeous.*

What do you think? Are any of the products in the MAC Cosmetics Holiday 2020 collection on your list? Let me know in the comments below!


Photo credit for all photos – MAC Cosmetics. All edits made by me.

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