Holiday makeup collection launch season is my favorite season. Some people love spring. Other people love fall. And of course some people’s favorite season is football season. However, IMO, none of those can compete with holiday makeup season. To be sure most brands save their biggest and best collections for Holiday. But 2020 has a mind of its own. So it’s no surprise to see brands launching smaller, more edited collections this year. Plus, a lighter, breezier, “myself but better” look is in this fall. Which makes the new Natasha Denona Holiday 2020 Collection even more perfect.

Natasha Denona Holiday 2020 Collection - I need a nude glow highlighter and lipstick, and mini zendo palette.
Photo Credit: Natasha Denona

The Natasha Denona I Need A Nude Glow holiday collection will be available in the US at Sephora on October 10 and in stores on October 16. The collection includes a new mini eyeshadow palette, a highlighter, and two new shades of the I Need A Nude lipstick.

First, let’s start with the product I am most excited for – the highlighter. The I Need A Nude Glow Highlighter ($42) is a “metallic highlighting powder with the Glow Impact Powder formula debuted in the Tan Bronze & Glow Palette—now in a champagne tone.” Not only that, but it’s said to compliment all skin tones. Which makes me very excited. Plus, it looks like it might be a little more of a cool toned champagne instead of a warmer gold highlight. And I’m all for more cool toned products. Although you all know I’m a little leery when products say they are “universal” or “fit all skin tones.” We shall see.

Natasha Denona Holiday 2020 Collection I Need A Nude Glow Highlighter Swatches
Photo Credit: Natasha Denona

Next up in the Natasha Denona Holiday 2020 Collection – the mini palette. The Mini Zendo eyeshadow palette ($25) is a “bronze-inspired, mini palette that lets you create perfectly flattering looks.” I am obsessed with these Natasha Denona mini palettes (you can read my full review here). In fact, if I could only recommend one palette to someone, it would probably be the ND mini nude palette. So I’m always excited to see which shades will come out in a mini next. Although this one is billed as a warm toned palette, and I’m kind of over warm tones.

Natasha Denona Holiday 2020 Collection Mini Zendo eyeshadow palette swatches
Photo Credit: Natasha Denona

Here are the shades in the Natasha Denona Mini Zendo Eyeshadow Palette:

  • Stark – shimmering, dark, cool burgundy
  • Bare – matte pastel pink
  • Stripped – shimmering warm silver
  • Dazz – shimmering coral with light bronze shift
  • Uncovered – matte dusty coral

Last but not least, we have two new shades of the I Need A Nude lipstick ($25) – Andrea and Maria. I have yet to try any Natasha Denona lipsticks. So I don’t really have any insights on this one. However, it does come in 20 shades. So you’re sure to find your “my lips but better” shade.

Want more information and to see these products in action and get my full opinion? I made you a YouTube video!

Although this is the Holiday collection, none of these products really scream “Holiday” to me. There’s no sparkly packaging. The names aren’t particular holiday-esque. Even the shades aren’t reminiscent of traditional holiday collections. In fact, I noted in my Natasha Denona Glam Palette review (you can check it out here) that the Glam palette gave me more “holiday” vibes than anything else I’ve seen all year. Yet it wasn’t part of a holiday collection at all. But the products are all very pretty nonetheless.

Natasha Denona Holiday 2020 I Need A Nude Glow Collection
Photo Credit: Natasha Denona

Overall, I love the idea of an edited down holiday collection. As much as I adore holiday beauty launches, it’s also important to remember our priorities and that there are bigger issues in the world that new makeup can’t fix. (Although new makeup can fix a lot of things.) And I love that the beauty industry is embracing a more natural view of beauty and more realistic beauty standards. Hopefully we can move into 2021 with a better, more positive view of ourselves, each other, and the world.

What do you think? Are any items in the Natasha Denona Holiday 2020 collection on your list? Let me know in the comments below!


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