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When the pandemic first started, I was very concerned about the beauty industry. After working in bridal for so long, I know how long it takes to get something from concept to store. Plus I thought that people wouldn’t be as interested in makeup as focus shifted from vanity to wellness. But to my surprise, we’re seeing more beauty line launches than ever. In fact, some are even coming as a huge surprise. For example, the new clean beauty line: Lauren Conrad Beauty.

Lauren Conrad Beauty Line - The Liquid Highlighter, The Eyeliner Pen, The Lip & Cheek Tint

Whereas some beauty lines seem ill conceived or like a cash grab, I can’t image a more perfect brand to transition from lifestyle to beauty than Lauren Conrad. Lauren Conrad is known for her reality TV roots turned lifestyle empire that includes apparel, books, home decor, accessories, and a successful blog that’s basically an online magazine covering everything from beauty tips to potty training advice. With this in mind, the move into the beauty space feels natural. Kind of like when Victoria Beckham launched her beauty line a couple of years ago.

Since this post is talking about an entire line of products, it’s kind of long. So here’s a quick table of contents where you can jump ahead to the section(s) you want to see:

The Details

The Products

What I Bought & What I Thought

Product Ratings

Lauren Conrad Beauty Line Preview lipstick, lip and cheek tint, lip gloss, eye liner
Photo Credit: Lauren Conrad Beauty

The Details

Although the promotional images for this new clean beauty line are a bit more sepia toned and moody than her exquisitely curated Instagram feed, they are still soft, romantic, and yet somehow still casual and care free. In fact, they remind me a lot of the Summer Fridays skincare brand’s feed.

According to LaurenConrad.com, Lauren Conrad Beauty was “born from my desire for eco-friendly beauty products with clean ingredients that make you look great and feel confident”. It is a “vegan, cruelty-free, certified-Clean, Peta-approved, and ethically sourced brand that’s formulated without parabens, synthetic fragrances, and many other harmful ingredients”.

Not only that, but the LC Beauty line also has recyclable packaging. They even have a whole section on their site about how to recycle each item. As we all focus more on not only our own wellness, but the wellness of our society and our planet, I love to see brands taking these steps as well.

The Products

The new Lauren Conrad Beauty line includes five products:

  • Liquid Eyeliner – $20 –
  • Lipstick – $20 – 4 shades
    • Poppy
    • Shell
    • Dahlia
    • Juneberry
  • Lip & Cheek Tint – $20 – 1 shade – Poppy
  • Liquid Highlighter – $26 – 1 shade – Pearl
  • Lip Gloss – $18 – 3 shades
    • Rose Quartz
    • Dawn
    • Raspberry
Lauren Conrad Beauty Review

What I Bought & What I Thought

I ended up getting the lip & cheek tint, the eyeliner, and the liquid highlighter. Although I really wanted to try the lipstick and the gloss, neither seemed to stand out as anything extra special. For example, the lip gloss just seems like a regular lip gloss. Not only that, but the lipstick only comes in four shades and none of them seemed right for my skin tone and preferences. So I went with products I knew I’d use.

Lauren Conrad Beauty Lip & Cheek Tint swatches and review

The Lip & Cheek Tint – This product was incredibly disappointing. To be sure, the packaging is super cute, and the product looks great inside the little pot. It even swatched to a nice rose shade. However, it did not show up on my skin at all. Hardly even a tint. In fact, it basically just looked like a clear gloss. Although it did look a little better as a lip product than a blush. But this should definitely have been available in more shades than just one. Because if this didn’t show up on my fair skin, odds are it won’t show up on darker skin tones. At minimum, if this product was going to launch with just one shade, it should have been a darker one.

Lauren Conrad Beauty The Liquid Eyeliner swatches and review

The Liquid Eyeliner – At first I was super disappointed by this eyeliner. As you can see by the swatch, this eyeliner is not black. In fact, I’d consider it more of a dark gray. And the edges of the swatch did bleed a little bit. But nothing terrible. However, the liner has really grown on me. When worn with a more natural makeup look, the lighter black/gray shade is super flattering. It gives a softer, more romantic edge vs. a stark black liner. Which makes sense, since this entire line is meant for softer, more natural “no makeup” makeup looks. And the packaging is pretty. But it was not waterproof or long wearing on me. The outer corners did bleed/melt a little bit. Which is disappointing since it’s supposed to be a long wearing no smudge formula.

Lauren Conrad Beauty The Liquid Highlighter Swatches and review

The Liquid Highlighter – This is one of my favorite new makeup products. However, the tube is quite small, and it’s kind of expensive – especially when compared to the size and cost of competitor products. But it’s oh so pretty. And you really just need a tiny bit. Although it looks a little bit gold in the swatch, it blended into my skin with the most incredible natural glow. It’s not sparkly or shimmery and is so flattering.

Another thing I love about this new brand is that its focused on helping you enhance your natural beauty. It’s that easy breezy, no makeup makeup kinda vibe. Throughout this pandemic, I’ve really enjoyed embracing a more casual look. For the first time in my life I’ve worn yoga pants as regular pants. And I think I kinda like it! (Although I’m still a summer dress girl at heart.) But there’s not a whole lot of need for a smokey eye look when I’m just binging Netflix on the couch.

Lauren Conrad Beauty Review

The Ratings

Overall Ratings (out of 5) *Only giving ratings for the Lauren Conrad Beauty products I have tried* –

Lauren Conrad Beauty The Lip & Cheek Tint – 2 – This is basically a clear gloss. It hardly showed up on my skin at all. First of all, it should definitely come in more than one shade. However, if there is only one shade, it should at least be darker to flatter more skin tones. But it did look better as a lip tint than it did on my face.

Lauren Conrad Beauty The Liquid Eyeliner – 4 – I like the shape and feel of this liner. It applied nicely. However, it’s not a true black – more like a dark gray. And it was definitely not long wearing on my skin. But I like that it is a great clean option

Lauren Conrad Beauty The Liquid Highlighter – 5 – I love this highlighter. It’s so pretty and gives a really natural glow without being shimmery or glittery or obvious. It’s a little expensive for the size compared to other liquid highlighters, but it’s worth it.


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