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We talk a lot about innovation around here. I grew up watching Star Trek and sci fy shows with my dad and talking about what the world would look like if you could actually make a phone call with a tiny phone on your wrist. Unsurprisingly, my fascination with tech also extends to the beauty world. Sometimes innovation comes in colors, textures, and shades like the new trichrome eyeshadow shade in the Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VIII Divine Rose II palette (full review here). Other times, innovation comes in packaging like in the Fenty Beauty Snap Shadow eyeshadow palettes (full review here). However, in this case, the innovation comes in the product itself.

washable Makeup Eraser Sponge review

The Original Makeup Eraser The Sponge is an $18 beauty sponge that is made to be washed in your washing machine. That’s right people… You wash it in your washing machine. (And not the little makeup sponge washing machines like this one.) All you have to do is put the little sponge into the little ball it comes with, and toss it in the wash! In case you’re the kind of person *like me* who never thinks to wash their makeup brushes, this is an incredible innovation.

As for the sponge itself, it has quickly become my new favorite. For the past several years I’ve alternated between a Beautyblender and a brush to apply my foundation. However, I’ve used this Makeup Eraser sponge almost every day lately. Although it puffs up in water like a bb, it stays a lot more firm. And I don’t feel like it absorbs a lot of product, but the darker color makes it kind of hard to tell. Plus, I love the pointed tip. it makes it so easy to apply concealer, or even get foundation closer to your eyes or up around your eye makeup if you do your eye makeup first.

Washable makeup eraser sponge review

Now onto the washable part… First, I used the sponge for a few days. Then, I tossed it in the wash, per the instructions. Although my little sponge did look cleaner post-wash, it was hard to tell just how clean, since the sponge is such a dark color. I felt like it wasn’t as clean as it could have been. (See photos.) So I washed it again by hand. Big mistake. Big. Huge. I don’t know why, but the Makeup Eraser sponge took FOREVER to wash by hand. The material itself is so dense I could not get all of the soap out. No matter how hard I tried. And even now, every time I go to use it, I feel like I still hear soap squishing around in there.

washable makeup eraser sponge review

So, my advice to you is that if you get this sponge, just toss it in the wash like they told you too. Moral of the story? Follow directions.

Another thing I really love about this sponge is that it comes with the washer ball. You don’t have to buy them separately. Although I hope Makeup Eraser comes out with “refill sponges” that don’t come with a ball, or that’s a lot of waste. Especially since I could rotate sponges and wash one with each load of laundry. I don’t need a new sponge cage every time. But Mila would disagree. In fact, she thinks we need lots of them, because they’re the perfect size for her to play with. And it combines two of her favorite things – toys, and makeup sponges. I actually have to store this washer ball where she can’t see or get to it or she whines and whines trying to get to it because she thinks it’s for her.

Washable makeup eraser sponge review

All in all, I really like The Original Makeup Eraser The Sponge. I think the sponge shape and texture/density are awesome. However, I’m not fully sold on the machine washable part.

Overall Ranking (out of 5) –
Makeup Eraser Sponge – 4 –
I loved a lot of things about this sponge. It’s nice and dense, yet bouncy. The shape is super useful/helpful. It worked very well. And the cost is less than a Beautyblender, especially considering it comes with the washing cage. However, when it comes to washing it, it was a total pain. Although it’s super easy to wash in the washing machine, I didn’t feel like it got as clean as I could have by hand. Not only that, but I had terrible luck washing it by hand, as it took forever to get all of the soap back out. So if you get this sponge, it’s very nice. But make sure you toss it in the laundry.


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