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At the beginning of this pandemic, my mom started making masks. She works at a local hospital and on nights, weekends, and between on call shifts, she made well over 500 reusable cloth masks for the hospital, friends, and family. I don’t know how she does it. But she’s amazing. Throughout the past 5 months, I’ve only worn masks she made. Although I’ve tried other masks sold by popular retailers, I’ve never found one that fits as well as the ones my mom made. Kind of like how your favorite food your mom makes never tastes as good anywhere else I guess. However, as masks are looking more and more like a long term thing, there was one I have been really wanting to try – the Slip silk face covering.

black slip silk face covering

The Slip silk face mask is $39 and is available at Nordstrom and the Slip website. It comes in four shades – black, leopard, pink, and pink with an embroidered lip kiss print on the side. Of course I had to go with the black one. Honestly, I was completely sold on this mask at first feel. The Slip face covering is silk on both the inside and outside, with a cotton lining in the middle. Which means the inside of the mask that touches your face is the softest silk that feels oh-so-luxurious. Not only that, but it comes with 10 additional replaceable nose wires and 2 extra sets of silicone stoppers for adjusting the elastic around your ears.

slip silk face covering review - black silk face mask

I’ve been using Slip silk pillowcases for years. They last longer and are softer/stay softer than less expensive brands. But aside from wanting to find a way to feel a little bit more glamorous in this new yoga pants and a tee shirt world, I really wanted to try this silk face mask for its skincare benefits. I know a lot of people are really struggling with their skin right now. Skincare can be hard enough without having to wear something pressed against your face all day. People with sensitive skin or who are prone to breakouts may benefit from wearing a silk face covering. A silk face mask can be more breathable and less irritating to your skin. I like knowing that not only am I protecting myself and others by wearing my silk mask, but I’m protecting my skin too.

slip silk face covering review

Another thing that really impressed me about this mask is how well made it is. For example, these seams and pleats are beautiful. The cost may be high, but so is the quality. Plus I love how you can adjust the ear elastic. They are very simple to use and easy to wear. And I like how the inside of the mask is stitched together in the middle so you can very easily tell which side faces out. (See photo below.)

slip silk face covering

Not only that, but my Slip mask fits so well. It fits right up under my eyes, around my nose, and all the way under my chin. It’s not constricting and it doesn’t rub against my skin or press up against my nose or mouth. Which I like, since I’m always wearing some sort of lip product. Plus it is very easy to breathe. And makes me feel like I’m wearing my silk pillowcase around all day. FYI, if you’re concerned how to wash your Slip silk face covering or your silk pillowcases, you can always get the Slip gentle silk wash (Slip’s laundry detergent). I have this silk wash and I also I wash my silk products with my delicates and then lay them flat to dry.

Although it was crazy hot the day I took these photos, and the mask is quite heavy, I was sweating a lot, but it didn’t impact or constrict my ability to breathe. This mask is the Goldilocks of masks. Not too tight, not too loose, not too scratchy, not too uncomfortable. Just right. In fact, it’s better than “just right” because it makes you feel fancy af. And some days, that’s all you need.

A quick reminder from the Slip website – “The slip® reusable face covering is neither a medical device nor personal protective equipment (PPE).” However, in my opinion, it’s a great way to take care of your skin if you have to wear a mask all day in non medical or high risk situations. *I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on tv.*

black slip silk face covering. face mask review.

All in all, I’m really glad I picked up this mask and have it in my collection. Do I wish I had one for every day of the week? Of course I do. Is that practical? Of course not. Is this mask super nice on your skin and feel really great on your face? Absolutely! Do you NEED one? Absolutely not. Any face covering that you will wear and that will protect you and your loved ones is all you need. But if you have sensitive skin, bad maskne, a little extra money, or just want to feel fancy af, this mask is a really nice little luxury. (In fact, I think I need to add the new rose gold leopard to my collection.)

Overall Ranking (out of 5) –
Slip silk face covering – 4.5 –
I’d give this a 5, but $39 is a little expensive. So it could be cost prohibitive to have enough to wear a different one every day of the week without having to wash the same one every day. However, they are well made, feel luxurious, and are so soft and comfortable to wear. I didn’t have any skin irritation and I love how much of my face this silk mask covers. Plus I love that they come with extra parts so your mask will last longer.


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