For the most part, I’m incredibly brand loyal. If you’re here often, I’m sure you’ve noticed. Although I love trying new brands and new products, there’s one product that has held a steady place in my heart for over 10 years – Bliss Fab Foaming 2 in 1 Cleanser. In fact, I’ve used this face wash for so long that not only has the packaging gotten a makeover since I first started using it, but it now has a whole new name and the brand itself went through a full rebrand too. However, it’s still the same incredible face wash I fell in love with all those years ago.

Bliss Fab Foaming 2 in 1 Cleanser Review

One of my #lifegoals is to basically feel like I live in a fancy hotel at all times. I lounge around in a big fluffy robe any chance I get, and I’ve done extensive research into that special scent machine high end hotels use to make their lobbies smell so incredible. Not only that, but I’ve become obsessed with anything White Tea scented because of that fancy hotel smell. So it’s no surprise that I started my Bliss addiction (it was Bliss Spa back then) at the W hotel in New York on a father daughter trip with my dad. (The W hotels have Bliss products as their toiletries.) In that moment, a beautiful friendship was born.

Bliss Fab Foaming 2 In 1 Cleanser is between $11 and $13 depending on where you shop. I’m not sure why the price varies. You can get it at Ulta for $13, Target for $11, and the Bliss website for $12. Bliss Fab Foaming face wash is a super light weight blue gel cleanser that smells fresh and clean. It’s 2 in 1 because it’s both a cleanser and an exfoliator. So it does a wonderful job of removing any makeup residue. And it leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry or overly tight.

Bliss Skincare Review

Not only is the Bliss Fab Foaming Cleanser a great pick, but the whole Bliss line is lovely. I’m a big fan of the Bright Idea Vitamin C serum, as well as the Glow & Hydrate Day Serum and the Renew & Smooth Night Serum. The Vitamin C serum is one of the best I’ve tried. And the Night Serum rivals my beloved Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos serum. (At a much better price!)

Although I’m all for trying new beauty products, I’m super picky with my skincare. I am more of an “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” kinda gal. So when I found a face wash that keeps my skin clean and clear without any issues, I became a life long fan. That doesn’t mean I don’t try new products now and then. But until I find something better than my beloved Fab Foaming face wash, I’m perfectly content with this classic.

Overall Rating (out of 5) –
Bliss Fab Foaming 2 In 1 Cleanser – 5 –
It cleans and exfoliates your skin and does a good job of removing makeup residue. It doesn’t leave skin feeling dry or overly tight. And it’s very reasonably priced.


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