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One of my favorite easy ways to spice up any makeup look is with colored eyeliner. It’s a super simple way to spice things up and incorporate some hot trends without looking crazy out in the real world. And when it comes to incorporating trends, Fenty Beauty always makes things easy. Of course the Fenty Beauty Flypencil Eyeliner is no different.

Fenty Beauty Flyliner Review

The Fenty Beauty Flypencil Longwear Pencil Eyeliner is $22 each and comes in 20 shades. Plus there are four different finishes – Matte (11), Glitter (3), Shimmer (4), and Metallic (2). Not only that, but they are also the twist up kind, and not the kind you have to sharpen. Which is awesome, because I feel like I waste so much product sharpening (and breaking) traditional eyeliner pencils.

Fenty Beauty Flyliner Space Cookie

Another unique thing about the Fenty Beauty Flypencil is its triangular packaging. It’s actually quite nice and ergonomic to use instead of a traditional round package. Plus that means it won’t roll off your counter or vanity! I also like that the end of the packaging shows the color of eyeliner to make it easy to find the shade you’re looking for when rummaging through your bag.

Fenty Beauty Flyliner Swatches

The formula itself is super creamy and easy to use and blend. And once the pencil sets, it has great staying power. Although I do think some shades swatched/showed better than others. In opposition to my earlier argument of liking a twist up pencil, it does make it harder to get a sharp point for drawing a nice wing. But that’s not a deal breaker. However, the twist up mechanism itself is my biggest complaint about this product. To explain – once you twist up the eyeliner, you can’t twist it back down. So if you’re a bit overzealous and twist up too much, you can’t push the product back into the container. So just be careful with how excitedly you twist.

Fenty Beauty Flyliner Space Cookie Review

For my look, I used the shade Space Cookie. I really love the way it created a bit of depth to a soft every day look. Of course I’m a huge fan of all the blues (Sea About It, Lady Lagoon, Navy Or Die). And I really like that there are a ton of neutrals with depth (everything from a shimmering silver to a gorgeous olive). But I wish there were more purples and burgundy and other cool tones. Oooh. Maybe even a stunning emerald green! Plus I think they could have taken the shades from last year’s summer neon liquid eyeliners and relaunched them in these pencils. A bright lime green or hot pink would be perfection!

Overall ranking (out of 5) –
Fenty Beauty Flypencil Longwear Pencil Eyeliner – 4 – There are a lot of great colors and the formula is smooth. Some just didn’t seem to show up as “wow” as others. And I really don’t like that you can’t twist the product back down if you accidentally twist too much.


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