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**Updated June 7, 2020 from a preview post to a full review.** It’s no surprise that my favorite launch of 2020 so far is that of the new Pat McGrath Labs Divine Rose II! That’s right! Mothership VIII is here! And I’m totally here for it.

Pat McGrath Labs Divine Rose II Review and Swatches

First of all, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Yes. Pat McGrath Labs products are expensive. However, they are amazing quality, the packaging is top notch, and in person, the products and pigments are stunning. In fact, her most pigmented eyeshadows have hardly any fallout and the pan sizes are huge. So you really do get what you pay for. The new Divine Rose II palette is launching in part with a full Divine Rose Collection including the original Mothership VII Divine Rose Palette (full review here), the incomparable Lust Gloss in Divine Rose and Peach Perversion (full review here), the Matte Trance Lipstick in Soft Core and Christy, and the Permagel Ultra Lip Pencil in Buff and Suburbia (check out the full Divine Rose Collection preview here).

Pat McGrath Labs Divine Rose II review and swatches Mothership viii divine rose collection. Pat McGrath Labs Matte Trance Lipstick Soft Core. Pat McGrath Labs Lust Gloss Divine Rose.

Now onto Mothership VIII Divine Rose II herself. She is simply gorgeous. Plus, we’ve been talking lately about neons and pastels both being on trend right now, and this palette looks to be the perfect mix of both. In fact, that hot pink and dark Burgundy have me sweating! I’m so excited. I really love both the color story and the shade selection of this palette. You really can create the most simple every day looks, smokey evening glam looks, and bold vibrant standout looks with this palette. And you guys know how much I love a “one and done” palette.

Pat McGrath Labs Divine Rose II review and swatches

Not only does the Pat McGrath Labs Divine Rose II palette include matte shades for depth, but it also includes Mother’s incredible shimmer and VR shades as well. These formulas are so smooth and creamy. They honestly feel like satin when you swatch them. I prefer to use mattes in my crease and a shimmer or VR shade on my lid. Or a combo! Plus the glitter is always in impressive topper.

One thing I will say about the PMG formula is that sometimes there is a learning curve. For example, the glitter and VR shades apply much better with your fingers than a brush. And the matte shades really need to be applied in layers. They are made to blend and build. For example, you can see in my swatches that the mattes can be kind of patchy. That’s because I just applied a bunch of pigment in one swoop. And they’re not meant to do that.

Pat McGrath Labs Divine Rose II review and swatches VR Sextraterrestrial

But oh my goodness. Can we talk about this new trichrome formula? VR Sextraterrestrial is so stunning. In fact, you can see in each photo how the color looks a little bit different. I love the first picture in this post where the eyeshadow looks one color in the palette and a different color in the mirror. How impressive is that? The color changes from a deep rose, to gold, to green, depending on the light. And I thought DUOchromes were cool! Mother has definitely taken things to the next level with this one.

Pat McGrath Labs Divine Rose II mothership viii review and swatches vs pat McGrath labs Divine Rose Mothership VII swatches

Although the new Divine Rose II palette has a similar feel to the OG Mothership VII Divine Rose palette, the color story is a lot more bold. Whereas Divine Rose is a more muted, soft, dusty rose, Divine Rose II is a garden rose in full bloom. (Swatches of Divine Rose are on the left and swatches of Divine Rose II are on the right.) Divine Rose II runs a bit warmer in undertones than Divine Rose I. I like that you could use the hot pink – Rose Seduction – as a blush. You can also use Skinshow Rose Opal (first) or Astral Pink Moon (last) as a highlighter. Of course that’s not unique to this palette. You can always use lighter shimmer shades as highlight and pinks or corals as a blush.I love having multi use products around in case you forget something or are in a pinch.

Pat McGrath Labs Divine Rose II review and swatches

I’m really loving the combination of Skinshow Rose Opal, Naked Blush, Eleganza and Xtreme Burgundy for an every day look. For something more “wow”, I love Naked Blush, Xtreme Burgundy, and VR Sextraterrestrial. Another great combo would be Naked Blush, Skinshow Rose Opal, Xtreme Burgundy, and Rose Seduction. I just can’t get over the allure of Rose Seduction. Overall, the whole palette has me swooning. In the original PMG website launch, both palettes were available in limited edition rose packaging. However both palettes sold out immediately. There is no news as to if the new Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VIII Divine Rose II palette is limited edition or not (after all, Mothership VII was originally said to be limited edition, but the launch of the Divine Rose Collection will be it’s 4th (?) release).

Do you want more details and to see the swatches in action? Check out my full video review!

Overall Ranking (out of 5) –
Pat McGrath Labs Divine Rose II Mothership VIII Palette – 4.5 –
It’s really expensive. But it’s gorgeous. The color story and formulas are incredible. I love the new trichrome and hope to see more in the future. As with all PMG Mothership palettes, Divine Rose II is a luxurious experience.

What do you think of the new Pat McGrath Labs Mothership VIII Divine Rose II palette? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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    1. Haha. I know. Her names are so seductive. And it’s a TRIOchrome! I thought duochromes were wow. Now I’ve gotta see this!

  1. Thank you for this post! I purchased DVII as my first mothership a few weeks ago and was considering if I wanted to also get DVI since it’s on sale this weekend. My collection is very minimal and has a lot of browns and bronzes already so it felt like DVI was unnecessary (except that I’m really loving these formulas!). Your image of side-by-side swatches in nice lighting was really helpful to show that I absolutely do not need to get DVI (I don’t actually “need” any of this tbh, haha). Not only can I dupe most of those shades with things I already have, but DVII on its own is perfectly capable of making soft daytime looks in addition to darker or more colorful ones.

    1. Yes! I totally agree with you. DVI is gorgeous and stunning on its own as a neutral palette. And don’t get me wrong, it’s one of my favorite palettes I own. But if you want an absolute unique standout, DVII is a total WOW! Between the darker and brighter shades and the trichrome, it’s incredible. I’m so glad my post and swatches helped!

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