**Updated June 3, 2020 from a Preview Post to a Full Review.** Huda Beauty launched a mascara! Huda officially announced the launch of the new Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Mascara on her YouTube channel a few weeks ago. One big thing to note is that that there is no photoshop or false lashes in the campaign to be open and transparent about the effects of the mascara while also promoting natural beauty. The new Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Mascara is $27 and is available at Huda Beauty and Sephora.

Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Mascara Review

The new Legit Lashes Mascara is actually TWO mascaras in one. Each side has its own formula and brush and there is 8.5 ml of product on each side. (One side for Volume and one side for Curl and Length.) Huda noted that using two different mascaras is the best way to get great looking lashes. And I totally agree. For example, I had been layering L’Oreal Lash Paradise and Marc Jacobs Beauty mascara for the past year or so. Until I started testing all of these new mascara launches.

Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Mascara Review

Another thing Huda mentioned in her launch video is that she feels like she has hardly any lashes at all and that she hopes this mascara will help other people with short lashes embrace their lashes too. Yet another innovative detail is that the mascara tube is in fact diamond shape. This is designed to be more ergonomic and easy to hold and control. Although this is nice, I like the way the Hourglass Caution Mascara is triangular, which means you can rotate the handle in your hand and really make good use of all sides of the brush. However, the diamond shape is really only comfortable one way. If you try to rotate the brush, it feels weird in your hand.

Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Mascara Review

The brush on the Curl end looks like a more traditional mascara wand. However, the Lengthening side has a brush that looks a bit more narrow and curved. Actually, it looks and feels a lot like the shape of the brush from the Wander Beauty Mascara (full review here). Plus each side has different fibers. So you’re truly working with a separate mascara on each end. Not just the same mascara with a different shaped wand on each side. Also, Huda recommends using the Volume side followed by the Lengthening side. I tried using each side first and the opposite side second. But I actually found myself switching back and forth depending on what my lashes needed.

Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Mascara
Photo Credit – Huda Beauty

When it comes down to it, I’m kind of torn on this mascara. I prefer a more full and fluffy “false lash” kind of look from my mascara. Although this one was a mix between a “false lash” and a “natural lash” look, I felt like it made my lashes super spidery and almost clumpy. I kept trying to comb through them, but the spikes on the brush were too short, and it just kept applying more product. I say “spikes”, because the wands are made of little plastic spikes that remind me of tire tread, not “brush hairs”. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with plastic spike mascara wands. For example, Chanel and MAC both have great ones. But I just wish they were a little longer so you could actually comb through your lashes.

Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Mascara Review

Overall Ranking (out of 5) –
Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Mascara – 4 –
I think the size and the fact that you get two mascaras in one is awesome. The mascara didn’t melt or flake and it wore well. But It did make my lashes feel very spidery and spiky instead of soft and full and fluffy. And I wish the spikes on the brushes were a bit more full or dense or longer to really lift and separate.


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