You know what they say… You always want what you can’t have. Well all my life I’ve wanted curly hair. In fact, the amount of time I’ve spent day dreaming about salt sprays and beach hair and wishing I had hair that would participate in my curly dreams is a bit absurd. I remember using like a half a bottle at a time of Aussie Sprunch Spray in high school trying to get “scrunched” hair. However, I have the most stick straight hair that really has no desire to do anything but be perfectly straight. Which, is really great for every day. But not so great when you want to do something special. Then, the FHI Heat Curling Iron came into my life.

Long brown curly hair - FHI Heat curling iron review

Originally, it would take a can of mousse, a can of hair spray, old school hot rollers, and at least an hour and a half to get my hair to curl. Although it worked, it also ended up with pretty gross product filled hair. But then I met a hair stylist that taught me to use a curling iron as a wand and had a curling iron that would actually curl my hair. Most curling irons will hardly create a curl for me. And if they do, the curls last a whole eight minutes. Which let’s be honest, is a total waste of time. So when this magic curling iron gave me the most amazing curls, I knew I had to have one.

FHI Heat Curling Iron Review - 3/4 in, 1 in, 1.5 in curling iron, unbrush pink

But this was like 10+ years ago, and the FHI Heat Curling Iron wasn’t available to the general public. Just to stylists. So I gave my stylist the money and he picked one up for me. However, luckily for everyone, the curling irons are now available on the FHI Heat website. (And on Amazon too!) Not only that, but they also have hair dryers, products, and brushes too. In fact, their UNBrush is my favorite brush right now. (But it’s sold out on both the FHI Heat website and Amazon. I’ll link it when it’s back in stock.)

I’m a huge fan of the FHI Heat aesthetic. The red and black combo gives me serious Louboutin vibes and makes me happy. In fact, I almost got the UNBrush in red and black, but it came in pink. So you know I had to get the pink. Unfortunately, they don’t make my exact OG curling iron any more (the 3/4 in on the left in the pic below), but you can still find the same size in the new model.

FHI Heat Curling Iron Review 3/4 in curling iron, 1 in curling iron, 1.5 in curling iron

Although I’ve had my 3/4 in curling iron for 10+ years, I’ve also picked up the 1 in and 1.5 in curling irons throughout the years. The smallest curling iron is great for smaller curls that will eventually turn into great waves over a day or two (or three!). Whereas the medium curling iron is perfect for every day curls when you want a soft look right off the bat. The largest curling iron is good for large soft waves that aren’t really curls. Overall, the 3/4 and 1 in are my favorites. Honestly I don’t use my 1.5 in as much as I thought I would.

FHI Heat tools give my hair the most amazing curls. They are soft, I can run a brush through them, and they can last days. Even better, I don’t do anything special to make my hair hold curl. These curling irons are just magic. But I do use them like a wand and not a true curling iron. To make things easy, I created a YouTube video to show you exactly how I curl my hair!

Although FHI Heat tools are expensive, they run some great sales. In fact, I just got an email yesterday that said the whole site is 25% off from 4.25.20-5.15.20. So if you’re interested in getting one, you should definitely get on their email list. (This is not a sponsored post. The FHI links are not affiliates but the Amazon ones are.)

In conclusion, I love my FHI Heat Curling Iron and it’s the only tool I use to curl my hair. It’s the only thing that works for me. I think they are totally worth the price and they last forever.

long brown curly hair - FHI Heat Curling Iron Review

Overall ranking (out of 5)
FHI Heat Curling Iron – 5 –
They are a bit expensive, but the price point is comparable to CHI and other professional brands. In this case, you get what you pay for.
FHI Heat UNBrush – 5 – I can’t wait for them to come back in stock because everyone needs one and they’re only $15.


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