Although I always tell you guys the truth in my blog posts and reviews, there are some things that are hard for me to talk about. For example, I’ve had this blog for 2.5 years and have never really talked about my anxiety. Even though anxiety and OCD are a huge part of my life, it’s very difficult for me to talk about. Mostly because I feel like people will brush it off, not take me seriously, or think I’m crazy. After all, it’s an invisible issue. Unless you know me very, very well, you wouldn’t have a clue when I’m mid-breakdown because it’s all internal. However, over the past several years I’ve worked to try new external things to manage my anxiety. Like a weighted blanket.

Weighted Blanket Review

Weighted blankets are said to help decrease anxiety and insomnia and increase your sense of security and comfort. (And I think we could all use a little extra help with our anxiety right now.) They come in several different sizes and weights. Of course, when you select your blanket, don’t forget that the weight will be spread evenly across the whole blanket. For example, if you get a 20 lb blanket, the entire blanket weighs 20 lbs. It will not feel like there’s 20 lbs on you unless you’re just carrying the whole thing around. Which sounds like a lot of work to me.

I ordered my weighted blanket from Amazon over a year ago. Of course I chose gray (because everything has to be on brand!) and I got the 15 lb blanket in 60×80. Although people say they like to snuggle with their weighted blanket on the couch, I keep mine on my bed. In fact, I have a queen sized bed and the 60×80 blanket fits precisely on top. Plus, I think if I kept it on the couch I’d get stuck under it and never get up. Although, that might come in handy right now!

I know there are a lot of weighted blanket options out there, and I’ve only ever tried this one, but I’m not afraid to tell you how much I love it. It’s so soft and even has a zippered cover that is super easy to remove and wash. Plus, the 15 lb weight has a nice heft, but isn’t overbearing. Sometimes Mila even lays under it – and she’s never gotten squished. Although it’s quite a workout to lift it off the floor and back onto the bed sometimes. (But I do make sure Mila isn’t in the way before I push it off onto the floor. Just in case.)

Now onto actual usage. I start every night with the weighted blanket on my bed. Honestly, it’s so comfortable and calming. It really makes you feel like you’re in a big safe hug. However, I’m a hot sleeper. And oh man that blanket can keep in some heat! Usually in the middle of the night I end up folding the blanket in half, in half again, and flipping it onto the floor. (See? I’m even OCD in my sleep!) Honestly, I’m not even sure how that started. I just know it’s super easy to flip the blanket back up onto the bed and unfold it again when I make the bed.

Wighted Blanket Review

On the other hand, I know I slept really well when I wake up and the heavy blanket is still in place. Before my weighted blanket, it wasn’t uncommon for me to wake up sideways across the bed or with the blankets and pillows all over the floor from all of the tossing and turning.

Although my weighted blanket has had a positive impact on my sleep habits and night time anxiety, a blanket can only do so much. There are still nights when I toss and turn, have panic nightmares, or can’t sleep at all. But that’s not the blanket’s fault. Of course it can’t help at all during the day. Unless I wear it around like a cape. Or maybe I need a thunder jacket like people get for their dogs that are scared of storms.

Overall I think my weighted blanket is an asset to me and my not-so-beloved anxiety. Especially combined with a great sleep mask on the really tough nights. Although I wish there was some way to make it heavy and yet breathable to help on the bad/hot nights. I definitely encourage anyone who is interested in a weighted blanket to try one and see if it helps! After all, I think the best way to manage anxiety/OCD/etc. is to actively seek out help. Whether it’s from a therapist, a loved one, a puppy, or a blanket. Only you know what you need.


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